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<?lsmb INCLUDE ui-header.html
titlebar = titlebar
stylesheet = stylesheet
include_stylesheet = [
'UI/employee.css' ] -?>
<div id="title" class="pageheader"><span>GL Voucher Reports</span></div>
<div id="filter">
<div id="date_from" class="header_entry">
<span class="label" id="date_from_label">Date From:</span>
<span class="field" id="date_from_field">
<input type="text" class="date" name="date_from"></span>
<div id="date_to" class="header_entry">
<span class="label" id="date_to_label">Date To:</span>
<span class="field" id="date_to_field">
<input name="date_to" class="date" type="text"></span>
<div id="include_date" class="header_entry">
<span class="label" id="include_date_label">And Date:</span>
<span class="field" id="include_date_field">
<input name="include_date" class="date" type="text">
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