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Changelog for 1.4 Series
General Enhancements:
* scripts/* files moved to make inheritance possible (Chris T)
* PostgreSQL contrib dependencies removed, now require Pg 8.4 (Chris T)
* Performance enhancements on menu routines (Chris T and Steven M)
* Projects and Departments can now have subprojects and Departments (Chris T)
* Project/department mechanism generalized to support funds, etc (Chris T)
* Removed the Config::Std dependency and moved to Config::General (Chris T)
* Improved error handling using Try::Tiny and die (Chris T)
* Added +/- selection indicators to menu CSS (Chris T)
* Added "dynatable.html" template that can be included in templates (Chris T)
* Dynatable forms obtained through GET now show link back to form (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB->error and Form->error now show db version and company (Chris T)
* Simpler use of Log::Log4perl instead of LedgerSMB::Log (Chris T)
* Changing all auth calls to hit postgres db instead of template1 (Chris T)
* Centralized database commit for new code (Chris T)
* invoice.unit is now unbounded numeric to reduce errors (Chris T, 3516235)
New Reporting Framework
* Easy bridge between SQL and display (Chris T)
* All reports exportable to CSV (Chris T)
* All reports exportable to PDF (Chris T)
* Unified UI for reports (Chris T)
Customer/Vendor Handling
* Added sales tax id and license number fields for companies (Chris T)
* Simpified database schema (Chris T)
New CSV Import Module
* Imports GL transactions (Chris T)
* Imports AP batches (Chris T)
* Imports charts of accounts entries (Erik H)
* Imports GIFI tables (Erik H)
* Imports SIC tables (Erik H)
* Imports timecards (Chris T)
* Extensible
* field maps can be overridden
New Business Reporting Unit System (Chris T)
* Replaces Projects and Departments
* Business reporting units may be nested
* Allows one to do funds accounting, track jobs separately from projects, etc
* Report on any combination of business reporting units (up to one per class)
Changelog for 1.3 Series
Initial Release: Monday, Oct 12 2011
Supported Presently
Changelog for 1.3.16
* Changes in <head> element for non-Latin characters, HTML invoices (Erik H)
* Corrected untranslated string in Contact management screen (Chris T)
* Corrected permissions issue creating pricelist (Chris T, 3513861)
* Correcting ordering of aging reports so currencies are clustered (Chris T)
* Fixed curr totals not showing for aging rpts (Chris T, 3512591, h/t John L)
* Fixed new user screen not respecting default country (Chris T, 3513760)
* Fixed hasn(...) in HTML payment receipt (Chris T, 3515924, h/t Michael R)
John L is John Locke
Michael R is Michael Robinson
Changelog for 1.3.15
* Update WX POS (almost there) - readme and code (Andres B, item 3516949)
* Adding Perl-based database-setup and teardown scripts (Chris B)
* Corrected build issues w/Makefile due to inclusion of (Chris T)
* ledgersmb.conf.default : Update default PATH (H Sorli, item 3430019)
* Fixed imballanced payments when early payment discount processed (Chris T)
* Pricelists exportable as PDF and CSV (Chris T)
* Fixed payment/receipts shows with 0 due/payment list (Erik H, bug 3512555)
* Correct POD spelling error in LedgerSMB/ (Robert C, bug 3472015)
* Fixed Reconciliation.sql not loading (Erik H)
Andres B is Andres Basile
Chris B is Chris Bennet
Chris T is Chris Travers
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.14
* Argentina (Spanish) translation and charts of accounts added. (Andres B)
* Fixed errors saving when duedate is blank, bug 3503463 (Chris T)
* Corrected editing pos_invoice.txt whitelisting in front-end (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous directory transversal denial (Chris T, bug 3504924)
* Added recon data to Norwegian chart of accounts (h/t H. Sorli) (Chris T)
* Fixed some menu items disappearing after upgrade (Chris T, bug 3504934)
* Added default to country for initial setup (Chris T, bug 3496967)
* Added recon data to COA files for a few extra locales (Chris T bug 3505102)
* Clarified error message when contrib scripts not found (Chris T)
* Corrected warnings for missin glog initalization (Andres B)
* XLS and ODS buttons are now disabled if prereqs are missing (Erik H)
* Experimental support for migrating from SQL-Ledger via (Chris T)
* Fixed POD issues with (h/t Robert C) (Chris T item 3472648)
* Fixed means of adding parts/editing pricelist missing (Chris T, bug 3442163)
* Fixed unknown db detected as SQL-Ledger (Chris T, bug 3510039)
* Fixed pos ignores pd_proto and always connects tcp (Chris T, bug 3458112)
* Error now displayed when currencies are not defined (Chris T, bug 3509555)
* Fixed "no obvious way to select credit account" (Chris T, bug 3510564)
* Added code to unlink backup files after sent (Chris T)
* Added Gnome css (Andres B)
* Update doc; UPGRADE & README.sql-ledger (h/t Chris T & Erik H) (H Sorli)
* Change logo to "new" design - rename old logo (H Sorli, item 3435532)
* POD corrections to correct for POD style guidelines (Robert C)
Andres B is Andres Basile
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.13
* Reduced log messages when upgrading/creating db, for some log levels (Chris T)
* Changed db setup not to use createdb for simple admin of pg_hba.conf (Chris T)
* Corrected type = 'password' not handled properly in elements.html (Chris T)
* Non-billable information now retained in db for timecards (Chris T)
* Corrected character encoding/corruption issue with backup scripts (Chris T)
* Changes in the single payment UI to minimize mouse movements (Erik H)
* Adding link to employee edit screen from user page (h/t H Sorli) (Chris T)
* Fixed: Can't designate managers (Chris T, bug 3486840)
* Can now skip adding the chart of accounts (Erik H)
* Fixed: can't reconcile accounts in foreign currency (bug 3498036)(Chris T)
* Fixed: Recon not setup for cash accounts in default COA (Erik H and Chris T)
* Corrected minor issue with demo sales quotation template (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
H Sorli is Havard Sorli
Changelog for 1.3.12
* Corrected processing of <?lsmb tags in order/invoice numbers (Chris T)
* Corrected handling of accounts in dropdowns where () are present (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous log messages from debugging 1.3.11 (Chris T)
* Autocomplete ajaxselect now work (degraded) without Javascript (Chris T)
* Autocomplete ajaxselect now accept full entry without waiting (Chris T)
* Inlined add_custom_field's argument names for autodocumentation (Chris T)
* Updated add_custom_field to run on PostgreSQL 9.0 (Chris T)
* Updated dists/rpm/ to support RHEL 5 (Hilton D)
* Corrected stylesheet not set on error pages (Chris T)
* Tightened up permissions on menu items and employee management (Chris T)
* Corrected permissions on fixed asset depreciation workflow/menu (Chris T)
* Corrected Perl issues on _db_init when custom fields defined, 5.12 (Chris T)
* Adding missing permissions for editing parts (Chris T)
* Clarified string for vendor's part number in parts screen (Frans S)
* Recon checkbox now is set properly (Chris T)
* Corrected missing "search assets" menu item (Chris T)
* Net Book Value report now shows undepreciated assets (Chris T)
* Permissions fixes to fixed asset module (Chris T)
* Corrected NULL being saved in method for asset class (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitch on saving asset class (Chris T)
* Updated Slony setup scripts (Chris T)
Hilton D is Hilton Day
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Chris T is Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.3.11
* Fixed outstanding report for payment reversal and partial payments (Chris T)
* Fixed handling of non-existing roles in menu grants (Chris T)
* Added reverse_bank_recs setting for those that want to
do recs from bank perspective (Chris T)
* Added "bank register mode" for account transaction lists (Chris T)
* Fixed join projection issue in draft search routine (Chris T)
* Fixed for Pg 9.1 (Erik H)
* Fixed Customer/vendor selection for dropdowns (Chris T)
* Fixed some HASH() entries in CSV templates (Chris T)
* Removed unnecessary shebang lines in scripts/* files (Robert C)
* Fixed GL recurring transaction not posting (Chris T)
* Improved error handling when extensions/contrib scripts not found (Chris T)
* Fixed multicurrency handling in bulk payment interface (Chris T and Erik H)
* Corrected a number of number parsing/i18n issues (Herman V)
* Corrected pos_cashier inadequate permissions (Chris T)
* Corrected templates directive not handled properly (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Robert C is Robert James Clay
Changelog for 1.3.10
* Fixes for permissions for exchangerate table (Erik H)
* Fixes for POS cashier permissions. (Chris T)
* More Localization Fixes (Herman V)
* Customer/Vendor Search now shows records without credit accounts (Herman V)
* Better error handling contrib modules not found (Chris T)
* no longer overwritten on upgrade (Chris T)
* Fixed multi-currency single payment handling (Erik H / Chris T)
* Fixed "New Window" not working (Erik H)
* Fixed Pg 9.1 detection in (Chris T and Pongracz I)
* Fixed SQL error loading Utils.sql (Michael R)
* Updated docs on foreign exchange settings (Erik H)
* Fixed forex settings not saving on defaults screen (Chris T)
* Formatted paid amount for payment screen (Herman V)
* Fixed help message on (Michael R)
* Fixed links on payment report (Erik H)
* Added more forex documentation (Erik H)
* Fixed UK chart of accounts VAT accounts (Erik H)
* Fixed issues involving employee_id references (Erik H)
* Fixed shipto menu (Erik H)
* Fixed wrong orders showing up on ship/receive (Erik H)
* Fixed Makefile.PL version info (Chris T)
* Fixed HTML attribute quoting (John L and Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
John L is John Locke
Michael R is Michael Richardson
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for 1.3.9
* More logging enhancements (Herman V)
* Translation fixes in tax form reports (Chris T)
* Added accidently omitted 1099 forms (Chris T)
* Fixed formatting issue in sales_quotation.tex (Chris T)
* Better localization handling on logout (Herman V)
* Better handling of successive logouts (Herman V)
* Correcting some erroneous errors on db setup (Herman V)
* Corrected error message in old handler (Herman V)
* Reduced warnings in logs (Herman V and Chris T)
* Corrected "Not a CODE reference" in payment processing (Herman V)
* Corrected year/month not working on payment dropdowns (Herman V)
* Can now be installed via RPM. (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for 1.3.8:
* Fixed duplicate key error saving taxes (Herman V)
* Fixed not null violation when inserting bank acct w/o bic (Chris T)
* Corrected fkey violation when attaching file to order (Chris T)
* Moved language input on customer/vendor form for better display (Chris T)
* Corrected binmode handling on templates (Herman V and Chris T)
* File.sql now loads transactionally (Chris T)
* OE no longer requires type input for editing orders/quotations (Chris T)
* Fixed "no such file or directory found" error when logging db tasks (David B)
* Logging improvements (Herman V)
* Fixed company fax being printed under shipto (Herman V)
* Fixed "File does not exist... [object HTMLButtonElement]" js error (Herman V)
* Fixed timecard template headers not showing company name, etc (Chris T)
* Fixed part account mappings broken after upgrade from 1.2 (Chris T)
* Fixed quotation number increasing when saving existing quotation (Chris T)
* Fixed invalid from address on backup routine (Chris T)
* Fixed error "ERROR: lower bound of FOR loop cannot be null" (Chris T)
* Updated documentation regarding retaining old migrated data (Herman V)
* Fixed duplicate sessions created on login (Herman V)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David B is David Bandel
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.7 (Categorized due to length)
* Added foreign key of entity_credit_account.language_code (Herman V)
* Corrected permissions issue for editing assembly (Chris T)
Code and Administration
* Exposed LedgerSMB::Sysconfig::tempdir to configuration file (Herman V)
* Fixed invoice tempfiles never being cleaned up (Herman V)
* Fixed warnings during tests (Herman V)
* Backup functionality moved to database administration interface (Chris T)
* Whitespace adjustment in Pg-database (Herman V)
* New form unsets $form->{header} to avoid lack of headers (Herman V)
User Interface
* Fixed pricelist button (customer/vendor) producing error (Chris T)
* Fixed date error when processing recurring transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected 'Invalid Year-end filter' when exporting trial balance (Chris T)
* Correcting errors attaching and retriving URL attachments (Chris T)
* Correcting parse errors in pos_template.txt (Chris T)
* Database administration interface more consistent (Chris T)
* Corrected Action not defined error on asset import (Chris T)
* Default language handling for invoices (Herman V)
* Fixed LaTeX errors in timecard templates (Chris T)
* Fixed error when batch printing timecards (Erik H)
* Fixed menu reversal with batch printing (Erik H)
* Removed broken edit buttons on bank account tab of contacts form (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitches involving adding employee contact info (Chris T)
* Corrected missing translation call in contact template (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitch when processing recurring transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected double escaping bug in balance sheet template (Erik H)
* Corrected filtering of customers/vendors on AR/AP screens (Chris T)
* Added logged in username to setup utility confirm operation screen (Chris T)
* Corrected sales tax issue for sales/purchase orders (Herman V)
* Allow log-level to be set from config file (Herman V)
* Correcting history.css not found (Chris T)
* Reduced warnings in logs (Chris T)
* Logging enhancements (Herman V)
* Corrected error regarding css file not found (Erik H)
* Corrected global.css not found error (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.6
* Including xelatex templates under directory templates/xedemo (Chris T)
* Fix for company name in order entry (David B)
* Corrected UI dropdown box issue on ar/ap transaction screen (Herman V)
* Corrected minor workflow issues on AR/AP transactions (Herman V)
* Corrected permissions for users creating employee records (Chris T)
* Corrected error when trying to save employee location as new (Chris T)
* Corrected save as new overwriting existing for vendors/customers (Chris T)
* Logging improvements (Herman V)
* Fixed SQL errors in Goods and Services/All Items report (David B)
* Corrected issue saving country in contact.html (Pongracz I)
* Corrected permission denied to partsgroup_id_seq (Chris T)
* Corrected discount_terms not being displayed after saving (Chris T)
* Corrected language drop-down missing from email form (Chris T)
* Customer search result label correction (Herman V)
* Company name can now be prepopulated on login screen (Chris T)
* Corrected SQL error in (Herman V)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David B is David Bandel
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.5
* Fixing Menu and Permissions bug 3430820 (Chris T)
* Fixing permissions bug 3433644 (Chris T)
* Fixing file not found printing HTML invoice (Chris T)
* Corrected join issues in generating sales orders (Erik H)
* Removed commits in child subroutines (Herman V)
* Correcting warnings about HOME not set (Chris T)
* Corrected debian-specific db creation issue (Pongracz I)
* Corrected company name representation in timecard->sales order (Chris T)
* Better error handling when currency not set (Chris T)
* Exposed adding currency for customer/vendor to UI (Chris T)
* Corrected POS roles as per bug 3434549 (Chris T)
* Updated manual per ticket 3435124 (Chris T)
* Removed intermediate LaTeX files (Erik H)
* Fixed error: css/scripts/create_batch.css not found (Erik H)
* Translation string updates Herman V)
* Additional upgrade checks added (Herman V)
* Better whitespace handling in upgrade scripts (from 1.2) (Herman V)
* Translation string fixes for Payment workflow (Herman V)
* Fixed UTF8 chars broken in printed HTML invoices (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.4
* Corrected case matching error in upgrade script (Chris T)
* Corrected version number on new databases (Chris T)
* Corrected multiple load errors on upgrade (David B)
* Corrected problem creating UTF-8 database on Debian (David B)
* Corrected display issues with numbers (Herman V)
* Updated Ubuntu notes (Frans S)
* Corrected a couple of menu items (David B)
* Added 1.3-1.2 downgrade script to recover from failed upgrades (Chris T)
* Corrected ship/receive bug due to invalid join conditions (Chris T)
* Corrected template error in printPayment.html (Herman V)
* now provides instructions to use to correct database
versioning errors (Chris T)
Chris T is Chris Travers
David B is David Bandel
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.3
* Fix for being unable to delete AR/AP drafts (Herman V)
* Additional button cleanup (Herman V)
* Fix for is_zero issue with latest Math::BigFloat in AR/AP trans (Chris T)
* Fix for inability to save employee country (Chris T)
* API inconsistency fixed (Chris T)
* Fix for translation string standardization (Herman V)
* Fix for AP posting issue with 1.000,00 number format (Herman V)
* More number format fixes (Herman V)
* Database upgrade within 1.3 now possible from (Chris T)
* Corrected Norwegian tax rates (Erik H)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Erik H is Erik Huelsman
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.2
* Fixed a few files where suExec fixes were not applied (Chris T)
* Fixed erroneous buttons marked "Save and Post" showing up (Chris T)
* Corrected test cases so they do not fail w/o optional LaTeX mods (Chris T)
* Made errors saving chart of accounts entry more friendly (Chris T)
* Fixed permissions issue involving yearend (Chris T)
* Fixed filename issue in (Chris T)
* Fixed stylesheet/salutations display issue in user editing screen (Chris T)
* Correcting LedgerSMB.pot (bug reported by Herman V) (Chris T)
* Documented parameterized translation syntax for .po files (Herman V)
* Added en_GB and en_US to language table for new installations (Chris T)
* Added check for system configuration before tests begin (Chris T)
* Clarified password reset interface for user management (Chris T)
* Added notes on installing on Ubuntu 11.10 (Frans S)
* Correcting some issues with Perl 5.12 and Math::BigInt (Herman V)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
Frans S is Frans van der Star
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.1
* Language selection for invoice templates fixed (Chris T)
* Fixed DB errors on project search (Chris T)
* Fixed DB errors on timecard entry (Chris T)
* Fixed DB errors on timecard searches (Chris T)
* String standardization in employee/user management (Herman V)
* Fixed Employee record duplicted on save (Herman V)
* Fixed upgrade script not bringing in for employees (Chris T)
* Fixed upgrade script error importing duplicate customer/vendor numbers
(Chris T)
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.0
* Security is now robustly enforced on the db level (Chris T and Josh D)
* New user interface to manage users (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Framework in place, used to prevent XSRF attacks (Chris T)
Separation of Duties:
* Separate permissions for entry and posting to the books.
* Voucher/Batch system (Chris T)
* Draft system for unapproved transactions (Chris T)
* Reconciliation is now subject to separation of duties (Chris T and Aurynn)
End of Year:
* Close books and end of year transactions at once (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Cannot close books where unapproved transactions are before yearend(Chris T)
* Yearend/closed books now creates balance checkpoints for better performance
(Chris T and Aurynn)
* The prohibition against entering transactions into closed period enforced
on a database level.
General Ledger/Journal:
* GL reports filter by account (Chris T)
* GL reports account is ajax-style autocomplete (John W)
* Journal Entry screen now uses AJAX-style autocomplete for accounts (Chris T)
* GL reference now populated by default in the initial screen (Chris T).
* Files can be attached to financial transactions (Chris T)
* Files can be attached to AR/AP transactions (Chris T)
* Project numbers can be displayed on AR/AP transactions report (Chris T)
* Reconciliation is on new codebase!
* Redesigned workflow (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Optimized for high volumes (1000 transactions or more per run, Chris T)
* Plug in model for bank import scripts (Chris T and Aurynn)
* Payments are on new codebase!
* Redesigned bulk payment workflow/UI (Chris T)
* Bulk payment optimizations for high volumes (5000 invoices per run, Chris T)
* Redesigned single payment workfow/UI (David M)
Contact Handling:
* Contacts are now on new code base!
* Customers/Vendors Now Can Be Tracked Together (Josh D, Chris T, Aurynn)
* Multiple addresses and contact info stored per account (Josh D and Chris T)
* Multiple read-only notes per account (Josh D, Chris T, and Lacey P)
* Multiple bank accounts per customer/vendor account (Josh D and Chris T)
* Track 1099 or equiv. forms for customers/vendors (Chris T and John W)
* Can now set sales tax amounts and rates per invoice if necessary (Chris T).
* Files can be attached to invoices (Chris T)
* Invoices can be placed on hold (Chris T)
Fixed Assets:
* New Feature!
* Group assets into classes to depreciate together (Chris T)
* Depreciate assets using straight-line depreciation (Chris T)
* Plugin model for time- or production-based depreciation methods (Chris T)
* Dispose of assets --- full and partial disposal supported (Chris T)
* Net Book Value Report (Chris T)
* New API structure for new code (Entire Team)
* Better error handling/display (Jason and Chris T)
* Errors logged to httpd error log (Chris T)
* Cleaned up file structure for charts of accounts (Chris T)
* New UI and template system using TT (Seneca)
* deprecated. New Object Oriented and data-driven model (Chris T)
* Added ledgersmb-smallgray.css (Jeff K)
* Stored procedure-based ORM for data model encapsulation in db (Chris T)
* Many small forms moved to templates (Seneca)
* Greatly expanded test cases (Chris T and Seneca)
* Timecard lists project descriptions as well as numbers (Chris T)
* Invoices can now be put on hold (Aurynn)
* New CLI database creation routines (Jeff K)
* New web-based db creation routines (Sadashiva A)
* Redesigned database schema for contacts (Josh D)
* Redesigned database schema for chart of accounts (Chris T)
* Redesigned database schema for reconciliation (Aurynn and Chris T)
* Redesigned database schema for payments (David M)
Changelog for 1.2 Series
Released 2007-04-04
Currently supported, through at least 2012-03-01
Changelog for 1.2.25
* Corrected sql injection issue (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.24
* Corrected (non-exploitable) SQL injection issue in custom field management
stored procs. Chris T
* Corrected issues running LedgerSMB with SuExec. (Matt S Trout)
* Corrected filenamme bug in batch printing module (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.23
* Fix for sales tax incorrect on sales/purchase order screen
* fix for unreadable characters in HTML templates in some charsets.
* Correcting backup name on backup by email
Changelog for 1.2.22
* Corrected error for cases where no buttons occur on GL Journal Entry screen
(Chris T)
* Corrected a number of warnings for Perl 5.12 (Chris T and Jeff K)
* Corrected a number of UI issues with HST migtation (Chris T)
* Corrected erroneous test case failures due to erroneous order of regexp's in
test cases (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.21
* Corrected a number of templates with HTML issues (Luke)
* AR/AP Aging Report fixed, ignores payment after report date (Chris T)
* Minor documentation updates (Chris T)
* Fixed bug saving SIC (Adam T)
Changelog for 1.2.20
* Commented out credits in ledgersmb-blue.css
* Corrected encoding in Latvian chart of accounts (Janeks)
* Minor fixes to release notes (SF User akaihola)
* Exchange rate fix (SF User Anarcat)
* Fixed whitespace handling in when saving permissions (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.19
* Fixed short sales with never-closed books (Chris T)
* Fixed erroneous tax rounding in POS screen (Chris T)
* Fixed XSRF vulnerability that allows changing user's password (Chris T)
* Corrected SQL Injection vulnerability in customer/vendor handling (Chris T)
* Cookie now sets SECURE flag when on HTTPS (Chris T)
* Corrected an issue with URL escaping (M Lubratt)
* Corrected an issue with email id's (Michael Richardson)
Changelog for 1.2.18
* Corrected httpd configuration bit. (Roderick Anderson)
* COGS fix for return handling (Sadashiva and Chris T)
* Cumulative tax handling fix for Quebec users (Jerome Oufella)
Changelog for 1.2.17
* Corrected "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" error (, 5.10.0, Chris T)
* Corrected order consolidation item notes replaced with qty (Chris T)
* Corrected "Access Denied" when deleting user (Sadashiva)
* Corrected defaults not saving properly when not already in db (Sadashiva)
* Corrected undefined dbh when generating sales orders (Sadashiva)
Changelog for 1.2.16
* Correcting "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" error on 5.10.0 (Chris T)
* Correcting "Access Denied" when searching for timecards (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.15
* Uppercasing some SQL statements (Chris T)
* Fixed for AR allocation corner case (Victor Q, 1881199)
* Fixed for warehouse transfer error (Jeffk, 1877860)
* Fixed error pulling transactions by department (Chris T, 1954974)
* Fixed UTF-8 encoding for Czech COA (Vladamir B, 1906081)
* Fixed upgrade script creating incorrectly named sequence (Chris T, 1987545)
* Corrected POS transactions report (JeffK and Chris T, 2025931)
* Added a max_post_size directive to the ledgersmb.conf (Chris M)
* Fixed Price Matrix logic (Chris T, 1897245)
* Fixed errors in the backported triggers for transaction table (Jeffk, 1928336)
* Corrected corner case on ar_ap_summary_fix_1.2.14.sql (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.14
* Build.PL now requires Test::Trap (Chris T, 1872529)
* Fixed double escaping of tex under some circumstances (Seneca)
* Added fix for bad summary information in AR/AP transactions (1800065,
1800069, Chris T)
* Fixed posting issue behind AR/AP transaction report anomilies (Chris T)
* Fixed taxes added twice when viewing existing transaction (Chris T)
* Fixed erroneous discount lines in POS invoice (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.13
* Fixed all known implicit cast issues with PostgreSQL 8.3 (Chris T)
* Fixed Vendor Info Incorrectly Escaped in Check Printing Module(1844159,
Chris T)
* Fixed Serial numbers not preserved on order consolidation(1849585, Chris T)
* Adding fix for double-incrementing id sequence(Chris T)
* Fixed: DBD::Pg Error Searching for PO by description (1876963, Chris T)
* fixed syntax error in COMMENT ON INDEX statement (Seneca)
* Fixed the display of taxes with '%' in PDF invoices (Seneca)
* Fixed broken substitution in update_defaults (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.12
* Committed Tony Brummett's fix for last/avg costs updates (Chris T)
* Committing fix for error handling (1860699, Chris T)
* Some revisions in spec files (Chris M)
* Changed LICENSE directive in rpm to the more descriptive gpl v2+ (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1835463, cannot transfer to warehouses (Chris T)
* Adding fix for 1771834, inventory lost converting order to invoice (Chris T)
* Fixed 1812792, (discount box blank after part lookup (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1839776-- reposting sales invoice causes duplication.(Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.11
* Simplified obtaining years with transactions (Chris T)
* Fixed dataset creation (Chris T)
* Tax display fixes for AR/AP transactions (Chris T, 1794077, 1790768)
* Fixed encoding errors in numeral to text conversion (Seneca)
* Fixed the displayed number format for AP invoice taxes (Seneca)
* Fixed the selection of taxes when validto is involved (Seneca, anarcat's
addition to 1818792)
Changelog for 1.2.10
* Fixed bug 1765161, post button duplicates invoices.(Chris T)
* Adding a minor fixes to COGS edge cases for reversed invoices. (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1811022. Closedto date problems (Seneca)
* Fixing error on parts cost display, bug 1811470 (Chris T)
* fixed oversight with required_debs.txt name (Joshua D)
* Removing stray quote from button label, bug 1814444 (Seneca)
* Increasing min DBI version (Seneca)
* Apply db_parse_numeric to the correct hashref, fixes 1815081(Seneca)
* Fixed 1815075, Subject of email improperly encoded) (Seneca)
* Set template file output to UTF8 (Seneca)
* Body encoding fixes (Seneca)
* Fixing message-id setting (Seneca)
* Drawer opening now uses correct printer designation (Chris T)
* Change issued is now entered with correct memo field. (Chris T)
* Closing tell report works as advertised (Chris T)
* Fixed 1814437, Multiple paths set causing errors (Seneca)
* Add the ampersand to the HTML escape list for parse_template (Seneca)
* fixed 1815329, $ not escaped properly for LaTeX (Seneca)
* updated Hungarian translation from Pongrácz István (patch 1814156, Seneca)
* Properly handle invoice-type quantities from customer search (Seneca)
* Correcting improper redirect when reposting POS invoices.(Chris T)
* Fixing issues relating to database queries and POS-module redirects (Seneca)
* Fixing bug which hides discount input in POS screen. (Chris T)
* Fixing bug: Obsolete items show on short parts report(Chris T)
* Fixed bugs handling floats as numbers from the database (Seneca)
* Fixing POS screen opening drawer when print/post triggers update (Chris T)
* Add missing $parts_id to query in add_items_required (Seneca)
* Fix purchase order generation screen display (Seneca)
* Shift the extraction of invnumber down a few lines (fixes 1820572, Seneca)
* Fixing bug 1831246, doubleparsing in (Seneca)
* Fixing bug 1831410, double parsing in recurring transactions (Seneca)
* Fixed bug 1820698, DBI error: value too long (Seneca)
* Adding db fix script for 1819483 (Chris T)
* Removing duplicate drawer open (Chris T)
* Adding db fix script for primary key in recurring table (Seneca)
* Fix for bug 1831402, session expired re: recurring emails (Seneca)
* More number formatting fixes (Seneca)
* Encoding fixes for the backup routines (Seneca)
Cangelog for 1.2.9
* Removed GNUisms from find arguments (Seneca)
* Corrected SQL errors in Belgium, and other COAs (Seneca, 1804712)
* Added COA load test script (Seneca)
* Rewritten COGS system (Chris T)
* Scoping issues fixed (Seneca, 1809384)
Changelog for 1.2.8
* Fix SQL errors saving customer price lists (Chris T, 1754172)
* Fixed AR/AP reversal issues (Victor S, 1752439, 1753358)
* Fixed various scoping errors (Chris T, 1703347, 1753360)
* Fixed: Timecards ignore price matrix (Chris T, 1754099)
* Fixed scoping issues in (Chris T, 1754576, 1754579, 1768678)
* Fixed bugs with reversing invoices (Victor S, 1756387, 1755928, 1755355)
* Cause the GL report amount boxes to respect number format (Chrish T, 1754976)
* Corrected cumulative tax display issues (Chris T, 1745757)
* Fixed the display of non-all GL and GIFI reports (Seneca, 1758251)
* Fixed SQL errors in project deletion (Seneca, 1760722)
* Fixed error that caused order to invoice conversion to fail (Seneca)
* Fixed SQL errors in customer search (Chris T, 1761615)
* Fixed SQL errors (Chris T)
* Correct display issues with number format '1.000,00' (Seneca)
* Prevent AR Transaction screen from calculating sales tax (Chris T)
* Populate quantities during purchase order generation (Chris T, 1750895)
* Fixing COGS posts to closed dates when books closed (Chris T, 1753372)
* Fix database errors in processing recurring actions (Seneca, 1773591)
* Keep the closedto date in a known form (Chris T, 1763928, 1755145)
* Fixed memo search bug (Seneca)
* Fixed minor bug in till account selection (Chris T)
* Fixed number formatting in the Inventory Activity report (Seneca)
* Fixed: Add new language error in 1.2.7 (Pongracz I, 1793331)
* Correct display issues with number format '1 000.00' (Seneca, 1795858)
* Fixed minor documentation errors (Seneca)
* Adding more NaN checks to transaction posting (Seneca, 1789169)
Changelog for 1.2.7
* Fixed user@company logins (Chris T)
* Fixed closed books detection (Chris T)
* Fixed AR/AP print and post endless loop (Chris T)
* Fixed subtotal not working on AR/AP Transaction Report (Seneca)
* Fixing incorrect tax account selection issues in POS screen (Chris T)
* Fixed: Titlebar does not show user info (Seneca)
* Fixing error searching for parts with sales invoice links (Chris T)
* Fixed a number of COGS bugs on invoice reversal (Victor S)
* Fixing bareword error with (Chris T)
* Fixing SQL error when creating assembly (Seneca)
* Fixing Template use check in user deletion (Seneca)
* Fixing bug partial transaction commit bug wrt invoices (Chris T)
* Fixed line items were dropped on order consolidation (Chris T)
* Correcting errors on transaction list after posting (Chris T)
* Updated ebuild files (Chris T)
* Backporting POD and tests for from trunk (Seneca)
* Fixing constraint issue deleting part (Chris T)
* fixing vendor taxes displaying improperly when printing PO (Seneca)
* Corrected security bypass in (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.6
* More date tests added (Seneca)
* Fixed customer_id error in AP transactions (Chris T)
* Added meta tags to set to utf-8 by default (Chris T)
* Fixed the alias inconsistancy for the ledgersmb-httpd.conf (Chris T).
* Fixed invalid html in (reported by Donna Robinson) (Chris T)
* Fixed error searching for customer by address (Chris T)
* Fixed error db error saving items with custom fields (Chris T)
* Fixed db error saving project with NULL customer id (Chris T)
* Improved upgrade_templates' tag handling (Seneca)
Changelog for 1.2.5
* Partsgroup handling corrected on POS and Sales invoice screens (Chris T)
* Closed books handling is corrected (Chris T)
* Corrected intermediate rounding issues involving sales tax (Chris T)
* Fixed FX issue with posting cash transfers (Chris T)
* Corrected multibyte handling in form generation (Seneca)
* Corrected NaN issues in invoice printing (Seneca)
* Corrected PO and order number searches not working (Chris T).
* Corrected Exchange Rate display issue (CHris T).
* Corrected number parsing issues with 1.000,00 formats (Chris T).
* Corrected a number of date handling issues and added tests (Seneca).
* Applied invoice performance patch from Ashley Gittins (Chris T)
* Applide performance improvements to lastname_used (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.4
* Fixed internal functions avgcost() and lastcost() to not use float (Joshua D)
* Fixed error posting vendor invoice with fraction costs. (Chris M)
* Fixed sales tax display issue on invoice/order entry screen (Chris T)
* Fixed inconsistant error when setting to recur 0 times (Chris T)
* Fixed Access Denied when sending email (CHris T)
* Added Makefile.PL as optional means of dependency checking (experimental, Chris T)
* Updated INSTALL file to use correct globaldbh syntax (Chris T)
* Updated UNGRADE file to recommend reading INSTALL first (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.2.3
* Corrected per-user locale selection (Seneca)
* Corrected partial commits for invoices and orders (Chris T)
* Corrected data types for invoice.qty and invoice.allocated in new dbs (CHris T)
* Corrected suffix error in 1.2.1 to use .sqlc for backups (Joshua D)
Changelog for 1.2.2
* Corrected sales tax display bug in order entry screen (Chris T)
* Corrected database update unable to connect (Seneca)
* Corrected login problems on 1.2.1
* Corrected INSTALL for [GlobalDBH] (Joshua Drake)
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.2.1
* Modifed to correctly use globals from ledgersmb.conf (Joshua Drake)
* Simplified backup functions in (Joshua Drake)
* Corrected serious sales tax posting bug (Chris Travers)
* Corrected two sales tax display bugs (Chris Travers)
* Corrected not rewriting WORKING_DIR (Chris Travers)
* Corrected documentation about tax entry (Chris Travers)
* Corrected logos not printing on PDF/PS invoices (Chris Travers)
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.2.0
* Added script to configure Slony replication (Chris Browne)
* Added defined primary keys to all tables (Chris T)
* Database upgrades now use psql (Chris T)
* Defaults table now uses a simple key->value system (Chris T)
* Merged Pg-tables, Pg-functions, and Pg-indeces into Pg-database (Chris T)
* Added whitelist of allowed directories to file editor (Seneca)
* Audited All Perl Modules for SQL Injection attacks (Chris T)
* Forced edited files to have whitelisted extensions and no .. strings (Chris T)
* Users are now stored in a separate database instead of fs. (Chris M)
* User database schema now included (Josh D)
* Moved localization files to standard codes (Seneca)
* Added cumulative tax support (Seneca)
* Translations now use Gettext (Seneca)
* Removed back-translation of function names for i18n (Seneca)
* Corrected parsing of numbers so that they are multi-run safe (Chris T)
* Added modular tax calculation support (no modules included yet) (Seneca)
* Added "1 000.00" number format (Chris T)
* Buttons are now localization-safe (Seneca)
Code Quality and API:
* Added logging module (Jason)
* Added session method abstraction (Chris T)
* Broke out price matrix calls into (Chris T)
* Added $form->callproc($procname, @args) returns @hashrefs (Chris T)
* Corrected rounding errors (Seneca)
* Code cleanup and template correction (Chris Murtagh)
* New template system (Chris T)
*,, and are aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* Added LedgerSMB::Sysconfig for site-wide configuration (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB::IC is aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* LedgerSMB::PE is aware of custom fields (Chris T)
* Testing suite added (Seneca)
* Moved all database calls to $form->{dbh} (CHris T)
* Form->redirect no longer makes use of exec (Chris T)
* Added first version of rpm spec from Mads Kiilerich (Chris T)
* Added Gentoo ebuilds documentation and metadata (Jason R)
Point of Sale:
* Added experimental TrustCommerce credit card processing (Chris T)
* Merged most of the rest of the SL-POS interface (Chris T)
* POS register now goes from add invoice to add invoice. (Chris T)
* Added pole display and separate cash drawer open calls. (Chris T)
User Interface:
* Moved IS/IR/OE the lineitem column list to the LedgerSMB::Sysconfig Chris T)
* Invoice now has an Onhand column (Chris T)
* Added simple text import function for invoices received (PDT's) (Chris T)
* ledger-smb.conf is now an ini file (Seneca)
* Experimental scripting wrapper in utils/cli (Chris T)
Changelog for 1.1 Series
Released 2006-09-20
Unsupported due to major security oversights in inherited code corrected in
1.2 series
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.1.1
* Fixed problem with parts_short trigger not being created
* Fixed problem with custom fields functions not being created
* Pg driver is now checked by default.
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.1.0
* Added add_custom_field and drop_custom_field functions.
-- will be more integrated into API next version
* Added utility to partially recover from SQL-Ledger data corruption issues.
* Primary Key added to acc_trans table
* DB Updates now use one transaction per update file.
* FLOAT datatypes removed from database
* Protection against duplicate transaction id's.
* Added foreign key constraint to acc_trans.chart_id
* Database backups now use pg_dump
* Database creation routines now attempt to add plpgsql to the db if not there.
* Transaction reversal is now enforced by default
* One is required to change the admin password when it is blank (on first login etc).
* We now support adding custom automation into a
* use is now experimentally supported
* Disabled editing sub-assemblies in one area where it is unsafe.
* Utility included for near-real-time parts short email notifications.
* Fixed Lynx support
* Batch printing now available for checks
* Warnings are printed when check stub is truncated
* Sales Data Report added
* now dies if it cannot open the files with instructions on how to proceed manually
* Links between admin and login pages
* Experimental support for Windows printing
Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0p1
* Fixed directory transversal/arbitrary code execution vulnerability.
Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.0 series
Released 2006-09-06
Unsupported for reasons of age and security flaws in inherited code
Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0
(Changes relative to the pre-fork SQL-Ledger 2.6.17)
* Corrected sessionid security hole allowing bypass of login to main application
* Corrected sessionid security hole allowing one to list logins and more.
* Changed acc_trans.amount to NUMERIC
* Tightened browser caching rules to prevent problems with back button.
* Added an open content manual to the main distribution.
* New logo.
* Began whitespace reformatting of main application.
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