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gphoto2-timelapse allows you to create timelapse photography using a supported DSLR camera connected via USB (, and the gphoto2 unix tool (


  • single photo
  • continuous time-lapse
  • continous day-time time-lapse
  • multiple exposures
  • automatic configuration from XML file.


You will need to install python to run the scripts:

You can use the install scripts - gphoto2-install / install

It's a great idea to install gphoto2 from source as the pre-built libraries are generally old. The gphoto2-install script does just this.


You will need the ephem python toolbox, available from:


Once everything is installed, you need to tweak the script and the XML configuration file a bit to get it to work with your own camera. Once you have the camera specific parameters and functions in place, you can use the python scripts to start taking images:

python test.xml

See for additional documentation on the XML configuration file. Editing this file will allow you to easily change the behavior of the time-lapse sequence you're capturing.


This code originated from the following python script by dwiel:

Thank you for the inspiration!