Twitter contest bot trained to win giveaways.
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Make sure you have Python and Twython installed on your machine.

Connection with Twitter

You will need an app on twitter. You can create it right here:
Now copy the

  • app_key
  • app_secret
  • oauth_token
  • oauth_token_secret


Run it

$ python


Have a look at the tell_settings-function in and tweak some settings to make this bot fit your needs. Use with caution.

var purpose recommended value
search_for tweets to search for in one cycle 20-120
cycles cycles (1 cycle = search for tweets, retweet, like, follow, unfollow) >1
sleep seconds to wai when interaction_limit is reached >120
interaction_limit interactions with API in a row (followed by sleep) 20-120
max_follow max. amount of users followed at a time <4000
max_mentioned_follow max. amount of users mentioned in a tweet to follow <4
search_query query used to search for tweets something related to giveaways



You can manually save more names of users (seperated by linebreak) you don't want to interact with. Unfortunately it's not possible to teach a bot to avoid interaction with blocked users. On the other hand the blacklist can be copied and used with multible other bots. The blacklist is useful, because every unwanted retweet costs time.

In case you got some more names, don’t hesitate to contribute them!


As required by Darkcast you can now save strings (e.g. hashtags) in this file – seperated by linebreak. The bot will ignore tweets with those strings.

Additional info

Why is this bot unfollowing users?

Following too many users at a time can get your bot blocked. Because of that, it also unfollows users (fifo-princliple).

It’s kinda time consuming - what can I do about that?

Theres not much you can do about that. Let this bot run on a raspberry or arduino, control it with cron and wait for some prices :)


Did you win cool stuff? Feel free to throw some cash for a beer in my direction: