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Add owners file (#423)

This will

- protect the cup directory
- help github in suggesting reviewers

As a project admin, you can still commit. But the merge button is red.
Oct 8, 2018
User manual for v1.7.0

@regisd regisd released this Sep 21, 2018 · 109 commits to master since this release

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  • Prerequisites
    • Compilation requires jdk7 and Maven 3.5.2
    • Execution requires jdk7 and Maven 3.0
    • Compilation of generated code requires jdk 5
  • CUP upgraded to 0.11b
  • Option --inputstreamctor has been removed (#195)
  • Code health
    • Codebase has valid doclint (#206)
    • Maven plugins update to use Java annotations rather than javadoc at-clauses.
  • jflex --version or --info or --help now exits with error code 0 (#194)
  • Unicode 8.0 and 9.0 are supported (#209)
  • documentation improvements (#152, #187, #215, #290)
  • added an --encoding option to specify input/output encoding (#164)
  • make jflex start script robust for other locales (#251)
  • report character position when %debug and %char are present (#207)

See https://github.com/jflex-de/jflex/milestone/10

Sep 21, 2018
Sources for v1.7.0

@lsf37 lsf37 released this Nov 9, 2017 · 357 commits to master since this release

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1.6.1 is a maintenance release, fixing all known defects.


  • JFlex development, wiki, and issue tracker moved to https://github.com/jflex-de/
  • Fixed issue #130, "in caseless mode, chars in regexps not accepted caselessly":
    Caseless option works again as intended.
  • Fixed issue #131, "re-enable scanning interactively or from a network byte stream":
    JFlex now throws an IOException when a Reader returns 0 characters.
  • New example, shows how to deal with Readers that return 0 characters.
  • Command line scripts work again in repository version (contributed by Emma Strubell)
  • New options --warn-unused and --no-warn-unused that control warnings about unused macros.
  • Fixed issue #125: %apiprivate and %cup2 switches now no longer incompatible
  • Fix issue #133, "Error in skeleton.nested":
    Empty-string matches were taking precedence over EOF and caused non-termination.
    Now EOF is counted as the highest-priority empty match.
  • New warning when an expression matches the empty string (can lead to non-termination).
Mar 16, 2015
Sources for v1.6.1
Tag when it was actually released.

@regisd regisd released this Nov 9, 2017 · 440 commits to master since this release

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  • Unicode 7.0 is supported.
  • In %unicode mode, supplementary code points are now handled properly.
    • Regular expressions are now code-point based, rather than code-unit/
      char based.
    • Input streams are read as code point sequences - properly paired
      surrogate code units are read as a single character.
    • All supported Unicode properties now match supplementary characters
      when Unicode 3.0 or above is specified, or when no version is
      specified, causing the default Unicode version, Unicode 7.0 in this
      release, to be used.
  • New \u{...} escape sequence allows code points (and whitespace-separated
    sequences of code points) to be specified as 1-6 hexadecimal digit values.
  • Characters in matches printed in %debug mode are now Unicode escaped
    (\uXXXX) when they are outside the range 32..127.
  • detect javadoc class comment when followed by annotation(s) (#128)
  • removed the "switch" and "table" code generation options
  • Option --noinputstreamctor deprecated.
    By default no InputStream constructor is included in the generated
    scanner. The capability to include one is deprecated and will be
    removed in JFlex 1.7.
Mar 21, 2014
Sources for v1.5.1
Moved to release date of v1.5.1

@regisd regisd released this Nov 7, 2017 · 480 commits to master since this release

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  • fixed problem calling ./jflex start scripts (#127)
  • corrected documentation flaws (#126)
  • further documentation and website updates
  • JFlex now reports the correct version string
  • added support for CUP2 with %cup2 switch, based on patch by Andreas Wenger

@regisd regisd released this Nov 7, 2017 · 504 commits to master since this release

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  • the "switch" and "table" code generation options are deprecated
    and will be removed in JFlex 1.6
  • the JFlex license has been changed from GPL to BSD.
  • updated JFlex to CUP version 0.11a.
  • changed the build from Ant to Maven. 523d7a9
  • JFlex now mostly conforms with Unicode Regular Expressions UTS#18
    Basic Unicode Support - Level 1. Supplementary code points (above
    the Basic Multilingual Plane) are not yet supported.
  • new meta characters supported: \s, \S, \d, \D, \w, \W.
  • nested character sets now supported, e.g. [[[ABC]D]E[FG]]
  • new character set operations supported: union (e.g. [A||B]), intersection (e.g.
    [A&&B]), set-difference (e.g. [A--B]), and symmetric difference (e.g. [A~~B]).
  • the meaning of the dot (".") meta character has been changed from [^\n] to
    [^\n\r\u000B\u000C\u0085\u2028\u2029]. Use the new --legacydot option to
    cause "." to be interpreted as [^\n].
  • new \R meta character matches any newline:
    "\r\n" | [\n\r\u000B\u000C\u0085\u2028\u2029].
  • new option --noinputstreamctor to not include an InputStream
    constructor in the generated scanner.
  • %include can now be used in the rules section (#117)
  • yychar and zzAtBOL should be reset for nested input streams (#107 & #108 )
  • fixed bug #109 (could not match input for empty string matches.)
  • fixed bug #112 & #119 (properly update zzFin when reallocating zzBuffer)
  • fixed bug #115 (noncompileable scanner generation when default locale is Turkish)
  • fixed bug #114 (zzEOFDone not included with pushed nested stream state)
  • fixed bug #105 (can't build examples/java/)
  • fixed bug #106 (impossible char class range should trigger syntax error)