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Sum Three

A quick little single-page application for totaling 3 scores (1-9) in a circular buffer.

Development mode

The app was initialized from the reagent-frontend template:

lein new reagent-frontend sum-three

To start the Figwheel compiler, navigate to the project folder and run the following command in the terminal:

lein figwheel

Figwheel will automatically push cljs changes to the browser. Once Figwheel starts up, you should be able to open the public/index.html page in the browser.


The project is setup to start nREPL on port 7002 once Figwheel starts. Once you connect to the nREPL, run (cljs) to switch to the ClojureScript REPL.


To work on the project in emacs, start up emacs, jack into cljs, choose figwheel when prompted, and it'll start up the server from emacs. Navigate to the http://loalhost:3449/ to browse the app.

Building for Production

lein package

Deploying Production Artifacts

Copy public/js/app.js, public/index.html, and public/css/site.css to a static site.

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