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Provides elm-review rules to detect unused elements in your Elm project.

Provided rules

Example configuration

module ReviewConfig exposing (config)

import NoUnused.CustomTypeConstructorArgs
import NoUnused.CustomTypeConstructors
import NoUnused.Dependencies
import NoUnused.Exports
import NoUnused.Parameters
import NoUnused.Patterns
import NoUnused.Variables
import Review.Rule exposing (Rule)

config : List Rule
config =
    [ NoUnused.CustomTypeConstructors.rule []
    , NoUnused.CustomTypeConstructorArgs.rule
    , NoUnused.Dependencies.rule
    , NoUnused.Exports.rule
    , NoUnused.Parameters.rule
    , NoUnused.Patterns.rule
    , NoUnused.Variables.rule

How this package works

This package works by having several rules that check for different unused elements, and that complement each other.

This allows for fine-grained control over what you want the rules to do. If you add these rules to an existing project, you will likely get a lot of errors, and fixing them will take time (though the autofixing will definitely help). Instead, you can introduce these rules gradually in batches. For cases where the errors are too time-consuming to fix, you can ignore them in the configuration, until you take care of them.

A few of these rules provide automatic fixes using elm-review --fix or elm-review --fix-all.

Try it out

You can try the example configuration above out by running the following command:

elm-review --template jfmengels/elm-review-unused/example


Thanks to @sparksp for writing NoUnused.Parameters and NoUnused.Patterns.