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Author: Jean-François Moy
Website: http://
+Extremely important message:
+I received an email from Peter Borg asking me if I could change the name of this fork to avoid confusion. This idea was in my mind since the beginning so here we are. However, I am thinking of a good name but if you have an idea, don�t hesitate to propose it through the dedicated thread in the Issue section of the website. I would have to change the icon as well: if someone has good skills, contact me.
+The name change will appear in the next version (released as soon as the translations are done).
Important message:
The current localizations (other than English and French) have not been updated and actually contain invalid entries. If you want to participate to the project by updating them (10 minutes required if you are used to it), you can contact me by email or through the smultron website.
-I'm currently thinking of changing the name of this project to accentuate the difference between the original project and this fork. I would like to keep smultron in it. If you have an idea, contact me ^^

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