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A vim plugin to compile and/or run arbitrary filetyped buffers
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This is a very simple plugin that dynamically knows how to run a bunch of common filetypes through their associated interpreter.

The Run command will save the buffer to disk, then execute what is usually the equivalent of

:!<languagename> <filename>


:!ruby ./a_script_that_does_something_that_is_in_this_buffer_rn.rb

Currently supports:

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript (via node)
  • Bash
  • a few more!

Adding rules

Adding a rule is easy. Just duplicate an elsif block:

    elseif (&ft=='python')
        command! Run w % | !python %

And change stuff around so it does what you want

    elseif (&ft=='LOLCODE')
        command! Run w % | !lci %


If a makefile named "makefile" exists in the working directory, Run will attempt to execute a rule called 'run', essentially delegating its behavior to the makefile. The run rule would likely rely on the main executable rule, and might or might not clean up after itself, but you could do whatever you want in there. If no makefile is found, Run will try to compile the current file on its own into ./vrun.out, execute it, and clean up after itself by deleting it. Useful for quickly trying out something in a lone main().

On entry into a buffer, Run is redefined to refer to the appropriate command for that filetype. If no mapping is found, Run will echo 'Interpreter unavailable'

I mapped Run to <LEADER>g. Looks like this:

nnoremap <LEADER>g :Run<CR>


I like vim-plug.


Copyright (c) Jeff Fowler. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself a la Tim Pope. See :help license.

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