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A selection of Python programs which will retrieve live bus and rail UK open data and output it to a ER-OLEDM032 (256X64) display screen.
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Live Departure Board

Bus Departure Board for any UK Bus Stop

Bus Demostartion Display

Train Departure Board for any UK Station

Train Demostartion Display

Live Departure boards is a selection of different Python programs capable of replicating a live bus or rail departure board for any bus stop or train station in the UK.

Project Resources

  • Full information on how to use the programs can be found in the project documentation.

  • Full information on the parts you will need such as the SSD1322/ER-OLEDM032 display and Raspberry Pi, as well as how to set it up and install the programs can be found on the project website

Programs Included

  • Reading Buses Depature Board ( get live bus stop information for all bus stops serviced by Reading Buses, this program uses the Reading Buses API
  • National Bus Depature Board ( get live bus stop infromation from any bus stop in the whole of the UK for all bus services, this program uses the Transport API
  • National Railway Depature Board ( - get live train station information for any UK train station, this program uses the National Rail API

Example Video

Watch demostration video here

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