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Stepper Motor driven Wheel of Fortune React.js App
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Stepper Motor driven Wheel of Fortune React.js App

WoF Stepper App

React.js App for controlling the stepper motor (directly or decoupled using MQTT)


MQTT subscriber and publisher as content-based router and message translator to create mqtt-brick-proxy compatible message structures, when consuming simplified device messages.

Wheel of Fortune Stepper Motor flow

The existing secure infrastructure should be used by the Lambda service, further specific cloud services should be avoided. For this infrastructure is up, running and secure, the Alexa skill is just a Voice UI add-on.

alt text

Purpose of this sample

  • We did it with React.js to learn more about React and reactive programming.

  • We wanted to see

    • fast and functional web application setup with minimal footprint
    • successful node/react integration with the Tinkerforge JavaScript API to control the stepper motor
    • successful node/react integration with the Eclipse Paho mqtt JavaScript library
  • Results:

    • always decouple hardware from web apps, e.g. using asynchronous approaches (KISS: use mqtt with paho)
    • always use status checks when using hardware
    • use telnet in order not to making senseless guessings about reachable ports
    • ...
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