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Tool for managing Git committer information (e.g., email, name)
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When committing to Git, your email address and name are attached to the commits. If you are like me, you want to have different configurations based on the project you're working on (e.g., for your job and open-source work).

gitctx makes this simple.

  • gitctx create establishes a new context with name and email
  • gitctx use hooks up the configuration into a local Git repository

This functionality works on a per-project basis, this is how it works:

cd <myproject>
gitctx use
# Select the right context

# Validate everything is as you expect
git config --get
git config --get

This functionality is backed by adding an [include] path=<contextpath> to .git/config.

Future features

  • Delete / Edit contexts
  • Incorporate GPG signing information into contexts
  • Detect whether project already uses a gitctx context
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