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An app with different characters with phrases.
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A silly app where different characters with unique phrases speak their phrases word by word by the user.

Now fully built into a game that takes the user through a battle of dark versus light.

Under the hood (and for an observant player), Blėndn is a work of literature. This literature is not wholly made of words, although there are words and the words to contribute. The literature is more fully understood when you understand what the app does under the hood. Specifically, the punish and success criteria contribute to the story, the literal light and darkenss of the screen when the player plays, the clues the player is given, and the number of times required to pass each level, among other things, contribute.

A Journey Through Objectivism

Blėndn also tells the story of Objectivism, which is the philosophy of Ayn Rand that explains what most of us already know: that existence exists and reality is something that must be faced - you can't run away from the truth.

Each level in Blėndn takes the user through a different level. Check out Levels.swift and observe the carefully selected parameters and you will see how they also tell the story of Objectivism

More to come?

I am tired, but maybe I will explain more of the mystery behind this app when I am up to it. Or maybe you can explore the code and play the game to experience it for yourself. Read a book about Objectivism to help you identify the subtleties.

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