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pimatic plugin for controlling the Music Player Daemon.

device config example:

  "id": "mpd-player",
  "name": "Music",
  "class": "MpdPlayer",
  "host": "",
  "port": 6600

device rules examples:

Play music
if smartphone is present then play mpd-player

Pause music
if smartphone is absent then pause mpd-player

Stop music
if smartphone is absent then stop mpd-player

Change volume
if buttonVolumeLow is pressed then change volume of mpd-player to 5

Next song
if buttonNext is pressed then play next song Music

Previous song
if buttonPrev is pressed then play previous song Music

Currently no predicates for the mpd plugin. If you would like to do something when the state changes u could use the attribute predicate.
if $mpd-player.state equals "play" then switch speakers on
if $mpd-player.state equals "pause" then switch speakers off

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