ExpressionEngine Plugin to display a post summary based on the number of words
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#Excerpt - ExpressionEngine Plugin

Version: 1.1.0
Jean-Francois Paradis -
Copyright (c) 2012 Jean-Francois Paradis
MIT License - please see LICENSE file included with this distribution


This plugin provides a similar functionality to the function the_excerpt() in Wordpress which allows developers to display a post summary based on the number of words. This implementation can also display a post summary based on a minimum number of characters (in that case, the cut will be done at the next word boundary), which works better with languages like Chinese for which the concept of words is different. An ellipsis ([...] by default) is added at the end of the excerpt.

If both measures are provided, the algorithm will try to use words, but will switch to character mode if the words are tool long (10 characters per word on average). This will prevent extra long excerpts and efficiently detect east-asian languages.


Download the "sk_excerpt" folder and upload it to the third party directory of your ExpressionEngine folder.


  • {exp:sk_excerpt chars='true'}{content}{/exp:sk_excerpt} Use the default 200 characters

  • {exp:sk_excerpt chars='500'}{content}{/exp:sk_excerpt} Use 500 characters

  • {exp:sk_excerpt words='true'}{content}{/exp:sk_excerpt} Use the default 50 words

  • {exp:sk_excerpt words='55'}{content}{/exp:sk_excerpt} Use 55 words

  • {exp:sk_excerpt words='55' more='...'}{content}{/exp:sk_excerpt} Also change the ellipsis to '...'

  • {exp:sk_excerpt chars='500' words='55'}{content}{/exp:sk_excerpt} Use character mode when words are too long


1.1.0 - Added detection of East Asian language 1.0.0 - Initial plugin