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"answers" : [
{"type": "positive", "value": "It is certain"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "It is decidedly so"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "Without a doubt"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "Yes definitely"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "You may rely on it"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "As I see it, yes"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "Most likely"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "Outlook good"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "Mos def"},
{"type": "positive", "value": "Signs point to yes"},
{"type": "neutral", "value": "Reply hazy try again"},
{"type": "neutral", "value": "Ask again later"},
{"type": "neutral", "value": "Better not tell you now"},
{"type": "neutral", "value": "Cannot predict now"},
{"type": "neutral", "value": "Concentrate and ask again"},
{"type": "nagative", "value": "Don't count on it"},
{"type": "nagative", "value": "My reply is no"},
{"type": "nagative", "value": "My sources say no"},
{"type": "nagative", "value": "Outlook not so good"},
{"type": "nagative", "value": "Very doubtful"}