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Metabox (Yii Frameword Extension) Change Log
Version 0.4 January 2, 2013
Bug: Use minified version when YII_DEBUG is defined. The opposite should happen.
Enh: Added custom (default) css, header and footer support
Enh: Added cssClass propery. Default value is 'metadata'
Enh: Asset is now calculated with dirname() and is not hardcoded
Chg: Url parameter is now optional. If null, the current url is being used.
Version 0.3 December 18, 2012
Enh: Added support for custom initial content using begin/end widget.
Version 0.2 November 5, 2012
Enh: Added customizable ajax response callbacks
Version 0.1 Octover 10, 2012
Initial release
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