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My way or some other one

We all owe to everyone before us and the current incarnation of this owes most to @holman's dotfiles

His are organized better, and I should have probably just forked his, but I already had this repo on a bunch of machines and it's easier to just pull install.

Also I'm not a fan of projects where the top level contains a ton of folders.


After clone run:


You can allso call ./ with -i (or --interactive) to confirm each step of the install process.

Disabling 'Topics'

If you want to disable any 'topics' set DOT_EXCLUDE to match the topic names.

The following example would disable java and vagrant:


OSX Specifics

  1. install XCode

  2. install homebrew

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  3. install zsh, git, python, ruby, etc via brew



SSH - enable connection sharing - in ~/.ssh/config add

ControlMaster auto
ControlPath /tmp/ssh_%h_%p_%r


Most customizations should happen in a system specific version of ~/.localrc. These vars/commands/etc will be included prior to the majority of ZSH commands. In the case where you need to execute something after the rest of ZSH initialization you can set a DOTFILES_POST_INIT variable in '~/.localrc'. This is a horrible hack and probably a security concern, but hey you are basing your dotfiles off mine so stop complaining.