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  • nested destinations --- overhaul of destinations

two things, first, change the way destinations are defined, eg:

maildir "/path/to/root/mail/dir/" do
  destination :personal do
    dir "gmail/"
    type :maildir

    destination :contact do
      dir "contacts/" 
      type :maildir

      destination :joe
      destination :jenn
      destination :tim


    destination :mailing_lists do
      type :mbox
      #... snip ...

  #... snip ...

  abs :bitbucket, "/dev/null"

  proxy :search_index do
    #code to inject into search index

  #... snip ...

This would make defining destinations a bit nicer, in addition to providing a way for multi-type mailboxen.

  • 'scaffold' functionality

should build all the scaffolding described by the destinations given in the sortah configuration

  • 'resource' type

A resource is some block of code which returns an object which is cached, like lenses, a router, lens, or resource may depend on other resources. Resources differ from lenses in that they are not bound to an email, and -- in the event of multiple incoming emails, are executed only once across the whole session

  • speed

it's pretty slow, as it stands, could definitely use some speed up. Major improvement would be a sortah server, which could run persistently, so that starting/stopping a ruby vm wouldn't be necessary. Also, parallizing sortah would be nice, potential for that could be batch execution or the server idea from above.

  • proxy destinations

Difficulty: middling

To allow for non-filesystem storage locations (say, redis, elasticsearch, w/e), it would be nice to have "pseudo" destinations, like:

destination :redis do
  RedisHandler.acquire_conn do |redis|
    redis.put email.key, email.to_s

lens :key do
  email.key = SHA1_of(email)

router :root, :lenses => [:key] do
  send_to :redis
  • multi-target send_to

Difficulty: easy

It would be nice to say:

router do
  send_to [:foo, :bar, :baz]

and have a copy be sent to each destination, optionally, it could take a parameter, "linked", so that the others would only be soft-links to the canonical one (specifed by link), eg:

router do
  send_to [:foo, :bar, :baz], :link => :foo

In the above, :bar and :baz would be softlinks to :foo

  • contrib

Difficulty: easy Prereq: Having a community.

Set up an easy-to-use 'contrib' repo for community sortah libraries.

  • getmail integration

Difficulty: easy | hard

This comes in two flavors, the easy flavor is to just provide a wrapper for defining a getmailrc. Perhaps making it easy to define a gmail rc and also allowing for safe password injections (eg, not storing the password plaintext in the rc file).

The harder version would be to just implement getmail as part of sortah. This would allow for fine-grained control over how sortah gets fired, allowing for better concurrency.

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