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+#How to use Sortah
+First, I reccommend the following setup. In your `$HOME` directory, create a file
+called '.sortah/', and beneath that, create 'rc', then execute the command
+ ln -s .sortah/rc .sortahrc
+from your `$HOME` directory to link the `.sortahrc` file to the "real" rc file.
+Next, I would initialize a git repo (or whatever VCS you prefer) in the
+`.sortah` directory, and add your rc to it.
+Next, create an rvmrc file in the sortah directory with a gemset of 'sortahrc'
+(or whatever you prefer), this is where you will marshall all your dependencies
+for sortah -- at the moment, it's only going to be one. You can use bundler for
+this if you like, but if you just need vanilla sortah, it may be worth just
+using `gem` to install sortah and eliminate the bundler overhead, YMMV.
+Now that we've done that, we can wire up our getmailrc to point to sortah, as
+ [destination]
+ type = MDA_external
+ path = $HOME/.sortah/
+ arguments = ("--log-errors", )
+Where `path` should point to your `.sortah` directory. Next, we need to create
+the starter script, ``, this should look like:
+ #!/bin/sh
+ rvm 1.9.2@sortahrc exec sortah $@
+then run
+ chmod a+x ~/.sortah/
+This wraps the sortah executable so that we can always call it in the context of
+the sortahrc gemset -- if you install this directly to your system, then this
+shouldn't be necessary.
+Once you've done this, getmail should automatically use sortah to sort your
+email, now you just need to write your sortah definitions in the `~/.sortah/rc`

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