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Orson Charts

(C)opyright 2013-2022, by David Gilbert. All rights reserved.

Version 2.1.0, 23 January 2022.


Orson Charts is a 3D chart library for the Java™ platform that can generate a wide variety of 3D charts for use in client-side applications (JavaFX and Swing) and server-side applications (with export to PDF, SVG, PNG and JPEG).

JFree Demo for Orson Charts

Key features include:

  • multiple chart types: pie charts, bar charts (regular and stacked), line charts, area charts, scatter charts and surface plots;
  • mouse-enabled chart viewers in JavaFX and Swing provide 360 degree rotation and zooming for precise end-user view control;
  • configurable tool tip support;
  • interactive charts (mouse event support on all chart elements);
  • flexible data sources;
  • JSON format data import and export;
  • regular and logarithmic axis scales;
  • auto-adaptive axis labeling;
  • value and range marker annotations
  • support for PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG export of charts for reporting;
  • a clean and well-documented API with a high degree of chart configurability.

Orson Charts is very easy to use, and includes comprehensive Javadocs. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. Orson Charts requires JDK/JRE 11 or later. To use Orson Charts with JavaFX requires the Orson Charts FX extension project.


Demo applications can be found in the following projects at GitHub:


You can build Orson Charts using Maven by issuing the following command from the root directory of the project:

mvn clean install

The build requires JDK 11 or later.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in Orson Charts, please file a bug report at:


Version 2.1.0 : 23-Jan-2022

  • bug fix - axis ranges not being updated correctly. See issue #9
  • clean-up - fix numerous warnings/hints highlighted by IntelliJ IDEA.
  • dependencies - upgraded JUnit to version 5;
  • build - set plugin versions in pom.xml.

Version 2.0 : 15-Mar-2020

  • created a Java module (org.jfree.chart3d);
  • refactored into org.jfree.chart3d namespace;
  • fixed bug #4 in NumberAxis3D where tick label override is not applied.

Version 1.7 : 17-Nov-2017

  • removed JavaFX support to a separate project Orson Charts FX;
  • fixed cell content bug in GridElement;
  • fixed bug in GradientColorScale;
  • protect from NullPointerException in AbstractValueAxis3D;
  • streamline build by removing Ant build support and moving demo code to external projects.

Version 1.6 : 2-Nov-2016

  • added remove() method to XYZSeries and added change notification mechanism;
  • added remove() and removeAll() methods to XYZSeriesCollection and added change notification;
  • added generics to source files;
  • updated FXGraphics2D to version 1.5;
  • updated JFreeSVG to version 3.2.

Version 1.5 : 28-Jan-2016

  • added new LineXYZRenderer;
  • added option to invert axes;
  • fix exception when setting a new dataset using CategoryPlot3D.setDataset():
  • fix direction of mouse wheel zooming in JavaFX;
  • included FXGraphics2D version 1.3 as a dependency;
  • updated OrsonPDF to version 1.7;
  • updated JFreeSVG to version 3.0;
  • added pom.xml for Maven builds;
  • JavaFX demos brought up to match the Swing demos;
  • various Javadoc improvements.

Version 1.4 : 27-May-2014

  • added JavaFX support;
  • added support to marker elements and item labels for KEY_BEGIN_ELEMENT and KEY_END_ELEMENT rendering hints;
  • added JPEG export option;
  • added minAutoRangeLength attribute in AbstractValueAxis3D (this fixes a bug for plots where the length of the data range is zero, for example scatter plots with a single value);
  • fixed endless loop in axis range code for datasets with infinite values;
  • fixed bug in hinting for tick labels on NumberAxis3D;
  • fixed Utils.js functions that didn't work with Internet Explorer 9.

Version 1.3 : 11-Apr-2014

  • added chart mouse event and tooltip support for the chart viewer in Swing;
  • added item label support;
  • added JSON format data import and export;
  • new utility methods to extract an XYZDataset from a CategoryDataset3D;
  • fixed a clipping issue for panels with borders assigned;
  • added rendering hints for SVG output via JFreeSVG (to support tool-tips and mouse events on chart elements);
  • added JavaScript utility library to support JFreeSVG export;

Version 1.2 : 7-Mar-2014

  • added value and range markers for numerical axes, and category markers for category axes;
  • added a tickLabelOrientation attribute for axes so that tick labels can be drawn either perpendicular or parallel to the axis line;
  • added a logarithmic axis;
  • added theme support, with several built-in themes;
  • added template driven label generators for pie section labels and category axis labels;
  • added export to JPEG, plus options to configure the available export types;
  • optimized the rendering code to reduce memory usage;
  • put in place a localisation mechanism, and added German and Italian translations;
  • made the projection distance configurable in the chart viewer;
  • added series accessors for XYZSeriesCollection;
  • added yDimensionOverride attribute for CategoryPlot3D;
  • fixed an issue with the StackedBarRenderer and negative values;
  • incorporated various other bug fixes.

Version 1.1 : 23-Dec-2013

  • added surface plots (via the new SurfaceRenderer class and Chart3DFactory.createSurfaceChart());
  • added ColorScale and supporting classes for use by the surface charts;
  • added orientation attribute to control the chart legend orientation;
  • optimized rendering code for improved performance;
  • added missing change events for gridline attributes in CategoryPlot3D;
  • added constants including SCALE_TO_FIT_TARGET and CENTER_NO_SCALING to the Fit2D class;
  • added setColors(Color...) to AbstractCategoryRenderer3D and AbstractXYZRenderer3D;

Version 1.0 : 17-Nov-2013

This is the first public release of Orson Charts, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.