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Version 1.9, by David Gilbert, 9 February 2019.

(C)opyright 2013-2019, by Object Refinery Limited. All rights reserved.

Maven Central


OrsonPDF is a PDF generation library for the Java(tm) platform that allows you to create content in PDF format using the standard Java2D drawing API (Graphics2D). OrsonPDF is light-weight, fast, and has no dependencies other than the Java runtime (1.6 or later). The home page for the project is:

Getting Started

The Javadoc page for the PDFDocument class gives an example of typical usage and, if you are already familiar with the Java2D APIs, then all you need to do is add orsonpdf-1.9.jar to your classpath and start coding.

Oracle provides tutorials for Java2D here:

There are some demonstration applications included in the JFree Demos project.


OrsonPDF is published to the Central Repository. You can include it in your projects with the following dependency:


For developers using the Java Module System, OrsonPDF defines the automatic module name com.orsonpdf.orsonpdf. Alternatively, a new project ( has been created that supports Java modules directly but requires Java 11 or later.


You can build OrsonPDF from sources using Maven:

mvn clean install

Dual Licensing

OrsonPDF is dual licensed. You can use OrsonPDF under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) or later. If you prefer not to be bound by the terms of the GPLv3, there is an option to buy a commercial license from Object Refinery Limited - see the OrsonPDF web page for details.

OrsonPDF integrates the Ascii85OutputStream class written by Ben Upsavs and distributed freely under the (BSD-style) terms listed in the Ascii85OutputStream-license.txt file.

Change History

Version 1.9.1 (not-yet-released)

  • fix for getPDFPath() method in GraphicsStream (#7)

Version 1.9 (9 February 2019)

  • fix for drawString() method exception when passing an empty string;
  • fix for drawImage() with null for BufferedImageOp;
  • fix for transform issue with child Graphics2D instance from create();
  • added automatic module name (com.orsonpdf.orsonpdf).

Version 1.8 (30 November 2017)

Version 1.7 (28 September 2015)

  • implemented PDFGraphics2D.create() method;
  • added support for image transparency;
  • fixed broken PDFGraphics2D.drawImage() method;
  • added GPLv3 or later as a license option.

Version 1.6 (31 March 2014)

  • added support for shape outlining with arbitrary Stroke implementations (previously only BasicStroke was recognised);
  • minor Javadoc updates.

Version 1.5 (5 March 2014)

  • added rendering hint DRAW_STRING_TYPE which provides an option to render text as vector graphics, which allows the inclusion of Unicode characters in the output without font embedding;
  • improve support for alpha transparency;
  • minor additions to default font mapping.

Version 1.4 (18 December 2013)

  • fixed invalid XREF table which caused Acrobat Reader to prompt for saving when closing PDFs;
  • added debug mode to generate PDF file without filtering;
  • fixed a bug in the graphics stream generation that resulted in malformed PDF output in some locales.

Version 1.3 (8 November 2013)

  • implemented getDeviceConfiguration();
  • fixed transform bug that could result in malformed PDF output;
  • fixed a bug in the getClipBounds() method when the clip is null;
  • corrected the Producer version info;
  • fixed a bug with the date formatter for the document creation date.

Version 1.2 (12 September 2013)

  • fixed bug in RadialGradientPaint support.

Version 1.1 (3 September 2013)

  • reimplemented drawString(AttributedCharacterIterator, float, float) using TextLayout and modified drawGlyphVector() to fill rather than stroke shapes;
  • added degree elevation to the quadratic segments of Path2D objects to ensure correct output quality;
  • fixed Page so it does not add /XObject to resources if there are no xObjects;
  • fixed bug affecting switch between GradientPaint and Color;
  • fixed clipping bug;
  • moved PDF classes into OrsonPDF project (changing the root package to com.orsonpdf.*);

Version 1.0 (31 July 2013)

  • Initial public release (JFreeGraphics2D).