Extension for Google Reader(tm) that groups articles with similar titles
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Deduplicator for Google Reader(tm) is an extension for Chrome that extends Google Reader(tm).
It takes articles with similar titles and groups them together, only displaying the first one while letting you choose
to see the rest.

Extension can be installed from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hlmfplhddklcnnalefaonbgkicnnbfjg

- Uses Mutation Observers by default - this is a lot cleaner than DOM events
- Track version number of installed extension - can be useful

v0.24 (2012/05/06)
- Removed configuration page in the extension page since it was not very helpful. It's easier to change the sensibility
from the "Grouping settings" in Google Reader(tm) directly.
- Also supports Google Reader(tm) using https
- Added Google Analtyics tracking

v0.23 (2012/04/28)
- Details page (button in the top bar) lets you change the sensibility threshold and see how the grouping changes based on