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#Plex JS ##What is it? This project is a web based media player for the Plex system.

If you do not already know Plex, it's a media server/player system "done right"(tm). It supports pretty much every device you might think off. The only thing that was missing was a web interface that you could take with you without installing anything. Plex JS aims at taking care of this.

##Installation To install Plex JS, you need to have a working Node.JS installation. Then it should only be a matter of cloning the repository and starting the server.

To do so:

That's it. You should be good to go.

##Configuration At the moment, there is not much that you can configure. Options are located in src/config.js. Two parameters that are worth mentionning:

  • options.server.port: you can change the port the server listens on (default: 8000)
  • options.server.address: you can change the address the server binds to. Left empty, it will bind to all available interfaces. Set it to '' to bind only to localhost (default: '')

That's it at the moments

##Credits Thanks to the Plex team for their awesome product and thanks to Luke Lanchester who let me use the page layout of his Plex-Export tool.