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"Bluff Game" experiment

Links to needed repositories, scripts for final XP.

Suppose that this repo is cloned as ~/bluff_game folder (otherwise change tools/* accordingly).


  • openvibe 1.0.0

  • wmctrl and xterm (automation of programs)

  • libboost-all-dev and python-pyside for LabRecorder

  • Processing libraries

    • lsllink 0.1
    • used papart's archive "libs.tgz", 28-Apr-2015 18:27, 151M
    • papart snapshot:, 07-May-2015 20:18, 18M

How to

Setup XP conditions

  • HR & ambient feedack, to be set in PhysioBluffGame/BluffTable/config.pde

Init webcam

Plug in the right order PSEye ID 0,1,2 -- they will get video1,2,3 as video0 is tracking webcam.

Load modules, set parameters for V4L2Loopback and PSEye: tools/ (tune GAIN variable according to ambient luminosity)

Launch video pipeline

PSEye acquisition: tools/

Set white balance for each cam with misc/PDI_Target_ProPhotoRGB.jpg

Video acquisition: tools/

Signal processing: tools/

Launch recorder

tools/ tools/

Launch Processing for feedbacks

Sketch in PhysioBluffGame/BluffTable/

For first time, calibrate using procamcalib, set targets.

After sketch launch: tools/