ahkscript to prevent unwanted ScreenSaver starts
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An ahkscript to move the mouse one pixel to the right and then back again every minute which tricks the computer into thinking there is an active user. This allows for a light touch workaround to unwanted ScreenSaver starts which can be enabled or disabled by pressing Ctrl+5. I’ve even added a Tray Tip so its easy to tell if this is running or not.


  • Prevent the screensaver while giving presentations
  • Alway look active on Skype
  • Prevent powersaving features
  • Great workaround for enforced IT Policy


  1. Download and install AutoHoyKey from here https://autohotkey.com/download/
  2. Download AutoHotKey-ScreenSaverPrevention.ahk from this repository
  3. Double click the ahk file to start the script
  4. Press Ctrl+5 to toggle on/off Screen Saver Prevention


More Information can be found here - http://jfrmilner.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/autohotkey-prevent-the-windows-screensaver-autolock/