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-Lessn More 2.0.3
+Buttered URLs
-Homepage: <>
-Source/Fork: <>
-Lessn More is a free, open-source personal URL shortener.
-### Features
-* The ability to use custom short URLs (slugs), unlike Lessn
-* A bookmarklet that even supports custom short URLs
-* An [API][] that supports the same commands as the web interface
-* Different auto-shorten modes (optional mixed case),
-* The ability to avoid lookalike characters, and
-* An optional "banned word list" to prevent auto-generating offensive URLs.
-* Support for more shortened URLs than Lessn
-* The ability to add multiple slugs that point to the same long URL, unlike Lessn
-#### Attention to detail
-* Adding a new slug for a URL already in the database will become the "canonical"
- short URL, and will be returned if you ask Lessn More (either by API or not)
- for a short URL to the original resource
-* Lessn More lets you change the character set you want to use
- to generate short URLs on-the-fly with minimal or no "wasted" or
- skipped possible slugs, and yet the insertion algorithm
- is fast. (Not as fast as Lessn 1.0, by necessity, since Lessn 1.0 did not allow
- custom short URLs; but the worst-case insertion time after
- upgrade or a switch of insertion algorithms is on the order of O(log(n)) where
- <var>n</var> is the number of redirections in your database, and the common case is
- on the order of O(1) (constant time).)
-* Compliant with [URL shortener best practices and standards][bestp]
- whenever possible
-* An easy migration script will upgrade your database
- from an existing Lessn migration.
-#### Caveats
-* This shortener is not appropriate when there is a good chance that two or more URLs
- will be shrunk at the same time. (Simultaneous reads are, of course, fine.)
-* Lessn More 2.0 is a new release and has not been fully tested on databases
- other than MySQL. YMMV. Please [report any issues][issues].
-* Changing settings such as the allowed character set, while a supported use case,
- should be done seldom, and with deliberation.
-[markdn]: "This document is written in Markdown."
-[convert]: "Markdown editor with instant HTML preview"
-[bestp]: "Everything you need to know about rel-shortlink and short URLs"
-[issues]: "Bugs & Issues on GitHub"
-[API]: "Lessn More API documentation"
+* Edit config.php to suit your needs
+* Upload contents to root of your short domain
+* Visit yourdomain/install.php (add ?start=2 for upgrading a lessn database)
+* Visit yourdomain/-/ to login & start using
* PHP 5.1+
-* MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite
+* MySQL or PostgreSQL or SQLite
* mod_rewrite or similar rewrite system (see .htaccess)
-### v1.0
-Lessn was the original personal URL shortening service,
-written by [Shaun Inman]( It required PHP, MySQL, and mod_rewrite.
-### v1.1
-Buttered URLs is a Lessn [fork]( by [Jeremy Knope](
-Buttered URLs added logging, custom URLs, a migration mechanism, and support for more database types.
-### v2.0
-Lessn More is a Buttered URLs [fork]( by [Alan Hogan](
-Lessn More increased the robustness of the insertion algorithm,
-prevented slug conflicts, updated the bookmarklets, added multiple auto-shorten modes,
-banned word lists, and enhanced security.
-Lessn is offered as-is, sans support and without warranty.
-Copyright © 2009-10 Shaun Inman and contributors.
-Offered under a BSD-like license; see license.txt.
-Installation instructions are different depending on if you are upgrading or doing a fresh install.
-### Fresh Install ###
-**ONLY** follow these instructions if you are not upgrading!
-1. Open /-/config.php in a plaintext editor and
- create a Lessn username and password then enter your
- database connection details.
- You may also choose other settings such as
- authentication salts and a default home page.
-2. For the shortest URLs possible, upload the contents of this
- directory to your domain's root public folder.
-3. Visit to log in & start using Lessn More!
- Be sure to grab the bookmarklets. (The required database table is created
- automatically the first time you visit Lessn).
-**NOTE:** If your Lessn'd urls aren't working you probably didn't
-upload the .htaccess file. Enable "Show invisible files"
-in your FTP application. It's also possible that your host doesn't like
-the <IfModule>; try taking it out (this happens on 1and1).
-### Upgrading ###
-If you are upgrading from a previous version of Lessn or ButteredURLs:
-#### Upgrading from Lessn 1.0.0 or 1.0.1
-1. Using a tool like PhpMyAdmin or the MySQL CLI change the
- checksum index type to INDEX (from UNIQUE).
-2. Continue below with "ALL VERSIONS"
-#### ALL VERSIONS: Upgrading to Lessn More 2.0
-1. You are strongly encouraged to back up your database.
-1. Note some old redirections so you can manually check they still work after upgrading (they should, but hey, it's important).
-1. Manually merge your old configs into the new config file.
- There will be new options you will want to make
- decisions about.
-1. Upload all lessn/BU files, excluding config.php, or making sure to use the new one.
-1. Go to where
- N is 2 if upgrading from Lessen 1.0, or
- N is 4 if upgrading from ButteredURLs 1.1.
-1. Test some old known working redirections
-1. Delete install.php.
-1. Grab the new bookmarklets with custom short URL support!
-**Congratulations.** You are running the latest version of Lessn More.
-You can find [API documentation here][API].
-It's super simple.
-To report an issue or check known issues, visit [the Lessn More issue tracker on GitHub][issues].

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