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Artifactory Filestore Integrity User Plugin

Checks the integrity of the filestore. This plugin reveals discrepancies between the Artifactory database and the filestore, such as artifacts with missing binaries, and extra binaries that don't correspond to any artifacts. It is designed to run quickly and efficiently, even for Artifactory instances with large numbers of artifacts.

filestoreIntegrity returns a JSON object, which contains two lists:

  • missing: A list of artifacts (repository path and sha1 checksum) that appear in the Artifactory database, but do not have corresponding files on the filesystem.
  • extra: A list of files that appear on the filesystem, but do not have corresponding entries in the database.

For example:

$ curl -u admin:password 'http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/plugins/execute/filestoreIntegrity'
    "missing": [
            "repoPath": "ext-release-local:bcprov-jdk15on/bcprov-jdk15on/1.53/bcprov-jdk15on-1.53.jar",
            "sha1": "9d3def2fa5a0d2ed0c1146e9945df10d29eb4ccb"
    "extra": [

Due to its design, this plugin only works with Artifactory instances that use a simple filesystem-based filestore (usually a local filesystem store, or an NFS mount). If you wish to find broken binaries but are using a more complex filestore, such as S3, HDFS, or a sharded store, you can use this script instead. Note that said script is not particularly fast or efficient, and may not be suitable for use on large Artifactory instances.

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