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A custom Bower resolver dedicated to allow integration of Bower with Artifactory


npm install -g bower-art-resolver

In order to use Bower with Artifactory you need 2 components (npm packages):

  1. bower-art-resolver - A custom, pluggable Bower resolver which is dedicated to allow integratione of Bower with Artifactory.
  2. bower - Bower version 1.5.0 and above.

Client Configuration

Edit your ~/.bowerrc and add:

  1. The bower-art-resolver.
  2. The Artifactory URL as the first search URL.
	"registry": {
	  "register": "",
	  "search": [
	"resolvers": [

For authenticated access, please add the user and password to Artifactory URL as follows:

"search": [

You can also use an encrypted Artifactory password.

Artifactory Configuration

Bower remote repository

  1. Create a new remote repository and set its Package Type to be “Bower”. You might call it “bower-remote”
  2. Set the Repository Key value, and enter the SCM URL e.g.,,, or enter your own custom VCS.
  3. In the Bower Settings section, select GitHub as the Git Provider, and leave the default Registry URL (
  4. Finally, click "Save & Finish"

Bower local/virtual repository

  1. Create a new local/virtual repository and enter a repository key. For example, "bower-local" or "bower-virtual".
  2. Packages -> Check "Enable Bower Support" and enter your bower registry url (by default
  3. Save


Use the client to install packages from Artifactory, For example, bower install bootstrap

For more information, please refer to the Artifactory User Guide