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JFrog GoCenter

Attention: Deprecation Notice for Bintray, GoCenter, ChartCenter, and JCenter. Learn More

JFrog GoCenter Logo

If you are reading this, then hopefully you have an interest in immutable re-usable Go modules, so welcome to JFrog GoCenter. If you haven't already, you can check out the actual web page at, but you may as well stick around and read this page first.

The documentation on what is GoCenter, how GoCenter works, how to set up your tools to work with GoCenter and the Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) can be found in the Wiki of the project.


I’m running into “checksum mismatch” errors in my build while resolving from GoCenter.

Be very careful with checksum mismatches. Except of one case, detailed in our FAQ wiki page, it usually means you have downloaded a damaged dependency module.

Release Notes

GoCenter is constantly improving your experience with Go Modules based on community feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly and keep a running list of major ones in our file. Stay up to date with us by checking out our latest: Release Notes.

Contact us

  • Twitter: ping us @jfrog.
  • Slack: find us in #gocenter channel in the Gopher Slack.
  • Email: shoot us an email to

Reporting Technical Issues with GoCenter

  • Please open an issue on this repository for any issues you experience while using our service, or any improvements you wish to discuss.
    • When opening an issue, please make clear if it is a bug/problem you are experiencing or a request for a new feature or improvement
    • If you are submitting a bug report, please provide detailed steps to reproduce your issue. This should include the name of the module and the version that you were searching for/trying to add/trying to consume if relevant.
    • To open an issue click 'Issues' above and please review the list of open issues.
      • If your issue already exists, please select that issue and add any additional information that might help us resolve it, or click the reactions button and thumbs up (+1) if you want to indicate you are also experiencing this issue, but have no new information to add.
      • If your issue/improvement is not on the list, please click the 'New Issue' button and provide details
  • If your issue is not appropriate for a public discussion, please contact us via e-mail at
  • If you have issues integrating Artifactory with JFrog GoCenter, and you have support, please file a support ticket.
  • For issues relating to the JFrog CLI, please file a GitHub issue on the jfrog-cli-go GitHub repository
  • If you have found a security vulnerability in any part of GoCenter or its infrastructure, please e-mail

Contributing to GoCenter

Please check our Contributing Guide.

Legal & Other Links


The Github README for JFrog Go-center. Use this for reporting issues





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