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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "winser",
- "version": "0.0.8",
+ "version": "0.0.9",
"description": "Run a node.js application as a window service using nssm.",
"keywords": ["windows", "services", "service", "daemon"],
"homepage": "",
@@ -6,16 +6,54 @@
$ npm install winser
-Warning: you need node v0.6.11 or above and this package only will works on win32 platforms.
+## Command line arguments
+ -h, --help output usage information
+ -V, --version output the version number
+ -i, --install install the node application as a windows service
+ -r, --remove remove the windows service for the node application
+ -x, --stop stop the service before uninstalling
+ -s, --silent supress any information in the console
+ -c, --confirmation ask for confirmation before installing/uninstalling
+ -p, --path [path] path to the node application you want to install as a service [current directory]
-## Package.json
+## Method 1: package.json
+I really like this method, in the package.json:
+ "scripts": {
+ "postinstall": "winser -i -s -c",
+ "preuninstall": "winser -r -x -s",
+ }
+Then, in order to install a node application in lets say a server I will do this:
+ npm install git://
+The arguments in the **postinstall** script means:
+-i: install
+-s: silent, don't display any information
+-c: ask for confirmation. This is very helpfull because during development you don't want to install/uninstall the package as a windows service but you will often run "npm install" in the folder, then you can cancel with an 'n'.
+The arguments in the **preuninstall** script means:
+-x: stop the service before uninstalling
+-r: remove the service
+-s: silent, don't display any information
+## Method 1: package.json
Add these two scripts to your package.json:
"scripts": {
- "install-windows-service": "node_modules\\.bin\\winser -i",
- "uninstall-windows-service": "node_modules\\.bin\\winser -r"
+ "install-windows-service": "winser -i",
+ "uninstall-windows-service": "winser -r"

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