LDAP Configuration Management Module for Puppet
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This is the ldap module.

This currently stands as the scratch file for the LDAP module. While under 
development, it has the following goals.

- Provide a generic LDAP type
    - OpenLDAP (2.3 and 2.4 branches)
  - Allow configuration of many types of LDAP servers
    - Each installed type will have a custom provider
  - Provide the ability to create add-on hooks
    - Kerberos
    - RADIUS
    - SASL
    - DNS

Scope of initial module are the following operating systems
  - Debian Squeeze
  - Debian Lenny
  - Centos 5
  - Fedora 14
  - Ubuntu Maverick
  - Ubuntu Lucid
  - OpenSuSE

TODO: Client, add SSL Support
TODO: Client, add SASL Support

Default SSL support: CERT and KEY @ /etc/ssl/{cert,key}/ldap.pem

BUG: When testing by applying server-only configuration, manifest will install
client libraries as well. Does implying server configuration mean that I want
to automatically setup a client?

Things that are needed:
  * Authenticated Bind for PAM (Want to create a user to bind as)
  * Break up PAM.D modules into individual templates and re-use across linux variants as appropriate.