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The ultimate companion to Vagrant.

What is it?

Stroller is simply a series of automation tasks to automate the boostrap/setup/usage/sharing of a complete Infrastructure Development Environment with Configuration Management[1].


The goal of this project is simple: provide a common mechanism for Developers and Administrators to develop applications and Infrastructure. This includes workflow to integrate one of those awesome CM tools we talked about earlier (or is down in the references, if you like to save those for last).

Getting Started

You need to hook up to your existing CM database. Edit the provisioner of your choice located in the config directory to the path where your manifests/cookbooks/bundles are, and then go and start developing! You may alternatively clone this repository and setup your own configuration for your environment.

Edit all of the values in config/autogen_defaults.yml that are labeled FILL_ME_IN



This provisioner allows support for running Puppet on a node without a Puppet Master.

manifest_file: the file used to define nodes for your puppet env.
manifests_path: location to where your puppet manifest is stored.
modules: array of values where your puppet modules live.
options: array of any options to be passed to puppet

Puppet Server

This provisioner allows support for running Puppet on a node connected to a Puppet Master. Should be configured for testing out a Puppet Master

server: the Puppet Master server agent should connect to
options: array of options to be passed to puppet agent


This provisioner allows support for running Chef-solo on a node.

log_level: logging level passed to chef-solo
environment: string to define the chef environment
roles: array of roles applied by chef-solo

Read up on the file. It'll tell you what you need to know about using this set of helper scripts.


[1] You know, like Puppet, or Chef, or CFengine