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 banfromlog: examines logs to prevent ssh brute force attacks
    and forbids ips with many attempts to connect to your host at 22 port.

Copyright (C) 2005 Jose Sanchez <jose_at_serhost_dot_com>





	BanFromLog is a simple script to log any illegal user attempt of your 
	SSHD daemon from the auth.log file.

	It logs those nasty ips to a database (defined by you) and you can call
	to do this automatically by typing a line at the crond.


	Well is truth that if you have only an user, you don't need this but, when 
	you have hundreds or even thousands, users, many of them could have an insecure
	password (even if you have warned them or have some special modification in the
	passwd command to prevent this).

	You can receive other kinds of attacks via SSH port from those IPS which first
	attempted only a couple of illegal users. (illegal user: user that doesn't exists).

	Your CPU can be slower with this kind of brute force attacks, even if you have put
	a maximum attempts or whatever, because this kind of attacks are done with many "zoombies"


	First you need MySQL or sqlite installed and root access

	If you have MySQL allow one user to connect to localhost to a database without password,
	then dit the banfromlog script and put that information: database used, username, host.
	In the database, you need to create the structure defined on structure.mysql

	Then edit banfromlog and remove this lines:

		# Remove or comment this two lines AFTER CONFIGURING this script
		echo "Configure me first!. Edit me and remove this comment to use me"
		exit 0;

	Call "banfromlog log2db" and "banfromlog protect" each hour with this line on the crontab:

		First edit /etc/crontab
			# nano /etc/crontab

		Then add this lines
			50 *    * * *   root    /root/banfromlog log2db
			55 *    * * *   root    /root/banfromlog protect

		Where /root/banfromlog is the path to the banfromlog script and 55 * is each hour at 55 minutes

	I have configured it to run each 10 minutes and works fine

	WARNING!!: If you have accepted traffic to 22 port in a previous line of your iptables rules, you must 
	be careful and correct this by hand (for example, delete all rules and execute them from the beginnig).
	It depends on the configuration that you have. More information at: http://netfilter.org

	WARNING2: BANFROMLOG WILL ALWAYS ADD ALL IPS TO IPTABLES, so, its recommended that you regenerate your firewall
	with banfromlog in the middle. This is not a bug, it's a feature xD