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# [PostScriptName] # f=FamilyName # s=StyleName # l=Windows_Compatible_MenuName # m=1,Macintosh_Compatible_MenuName [SourceCodePro-ExtraLight] f=Source Code Pro s=ExtraLight l=Source Code Pro ExtraLight m=1,Source Code Pro ExtraLight [SourceCodePro-Light] f=Source Code Pro s=Light l=Source Code Pro Light m=1,Source Code Pro Light [SourceCodePro-Regular] f=Source Code Pro s=Regular l=Source Code Pro m=1,Source Code Pro [SourceCodePro-Semibold] f=Source Code Pro s=Semibold l=Source Code Pro Semibold m=1,Source Code Pro Semibold [SourceCodePro-Bold] f=Source Code Pro s=Bold l=Source Code Pro m=1,Source Code Pro Bold [SourceCodePro-Black] f=Source Code Pro s=Black l=Source Code Pro Black m=1,Source Code Pro Black
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