Python411 Interview with John Graves

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Notes on Interview of John Graves by Ron Stephens / Python411 — May 31, 2010

Actual podcast: 54 minute long MP3

Letters match to table below

A Intro – Very Special Interview
B Open Allure voice and vision enabled educational software uses Python modules, shown on YouTube
C Vinge Rainbows End
D NLTK Natural Language Toolkit
E Video showing use in cooking
F Sixth sense TED talk – Open Allure uses standard webcam
G PyPong
H Webcam interface at MIT is 3D
I Open Source Python Code
J Like HTML, but one step further
K Python No Hands
L Source code available now at and github
M Grade school teacher could author Open Allure script as easily as multiple choice test
N Math parser understands 2+7 and NLTK allows dictionary lookup
O Open Allure in Context – text is meant to be heard
P Ron’s interest in communications
Q Microsoft NATAL, Siri
R Open Allure is an on-ramp because Python is so accessible
S Vinge’s book: augmented reality, gestures and voice
T Background on Wall Street
U Python code accessibility: pyreport, literate programming
V Open up hood and tinker — whether cars or iPhones
W Power of open source paradigm: put control in the hands of people that need to accomplish something.
X Isn’t just a solution for software — solution for many of world’s most serious problems
Y Need to be addressed at grassroots level by informed people, particularly in China and India
Z More Chinese on the Internet than Americans

A Enormous potential in Asia using UNICODE
B Android — face recognition, more open
C Very exciting, seeking feedback
D Open source allows collection of ideas from periphery
E Wall Street Journal: Why Humans Triumphed
F Glitch in recording
G Ron’s explanation of glitch
H ShowMeDo helped learn Python
I Kahn Academy
J Second-by-second feedback on teaching effectiveness
K Continuous process improvement in educational space
L Singularity University
M History
N Being presented in open way on YouTube
O Innovation happens with mix of right people
P Clay Shirkey: Here Comes Everybody
Q Dan Pink: Drive — master something new
R No one can
S Thank you. Come to
T Ron’s plans for blog, mobile phones
U Check out John’s videos

A 00:00:00.00
B 00:01:52.16
C 00:04:41.79
D 00:05:19.00
E 00:09:04.87
F 00:10:08.10
G 00:12:41.11
H 00:13:13.06
I 00:13:29.03
J 00:14:22.43
K 00:15:20.48
L 00:15:47.67
M 00:16:29.10
N 00:16:52.84
O 00:17:43.43
P 00:19:15.82
Q 00:20:51.36
R 00:22:03.81
S 00:22:37.24
T 00:23:37.89
U 00:24:25.33
V 00:26:01.65
W 00:26:37.40
X 00:26:47.33
Y 00:27:32.06
Z 00:27:59.75

A 00:28:22.30
B 00:29:04.75
C 00:31:10.92
D 00:31:50.72
E 00:33:06.99
F 00:35:12.20
G 00:35:35.38
H 00:36:41.48
I 00:37:12.87
J 00:38:10.12
K 00:39:33.47
L 00:40:08.48
M 00:41:03.01
N 00:42:43.82
O 00:44:03.07
P 00:45:52.50
Q 00:47:31.32
R 00:48:32.00
S 00:49:38.69
T 00:50:25.25
U 00:52:06.22