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Getting Things Done tasklist/activity manager for Android

This application implements what I believe is the most essential part of David Allens Getting Things done system: To be able to put all the stuff in your life into a system (lists) you can trust 100%.

It's not a full blown GTD application - a lot of people (me included) are not ready to jump into that in one step. This application is for people who has grown out of the simple "to do apps" and "task managers" and need something a little better.

Unlike most contemporary "apps", it's free and safe. There are no ads. No tracking. No "phone home". I respect your privacy and integrity, and I trust that you will write me a mail if you have some things you want to share with me.


I wrote this app back in 2013 to get an idea on how to write apps for Android. -- And to get a light-weight GTD app for my own use. I have used it ever since. It's sqlite database on my device is getting larger every day - but the application still runs quickly and responsive on all devices I have tested it.


The app is now updated to Android Studio 3, so it should be easy to look closer at for any Android Developers.

I am planning a full-blown GTD app (for desktop and mobile) with some friends. So this app is in maintainance mode.

There are some screenshots in the doc folder to give you an idea about what this app does.

The app can be downloaded from the release menu above, or from Google Play.

Have fun!