Secure Instant Messenger over the Tor network
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Secure Instant Messenger

Mission Statement

To make the most Secure and Private Communication Platform for citizens, in the History of the World.


This project began in April 2016, when I wanted to chat with my friends without Facebook, Google, NSA or anyone else overseeing our conversations. The idea that private conversations are no longer possible, and that we just have to accept that, provokes me. So I used the no dead Tor Chat project as a starting-point for a protocol, and wrote my own client in C++, using QT and QML for GUI.

However, because the legacy Tor Chat client was bundling an obsolete Tor server, my program was unable to maintain reliable connections with Tor Chat users. So at some point I decided to learn from my experience with the original implementation and write a new one from scratch.

The original implementation is still available.

Current status

I am currently designing the new protocol and application architecture.

Todo (development tasks)

  • Add toolbar with appstatus icon, online status icon, connect/disconnect button
  • Add first use wizard to select database path etc.

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