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This is my personal sites source code. It's based on Dustin Curtis' Svbtle layout and markdown based blogging platform. It uses some of the styles from the Obtvse clone.

Build Status


  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Coffee Script
  • Mocha (BDD, Coffee Script)
  • Mongoose
  • Stylus
  • Less
  • Jade Templates
  • Markdown for blog posts

Installing for Development

  • Install Node.js
  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Install the packages: npm install
  • Start the mongoDB: cake data
  • Run the tests: cake test
  • Start the server: cake dev

Dev Notes

  • Use mongod --dbpath ./data to start the mongo database.
  • To run tests use npm test or mocha
  • To add some default "mottos" (tag lines in the header), try node data.js mottos
  • To initialize some test posts that will be deleted by the unit tests, try node data.js posts
  • Here's how I made the untracked git update-index --assume-unchanged ./lib/ after adding it to .gitignore

I've also added some things to the after I set it to ignore and I don't want to go back and figure out how to re-check that file in. Add three keys; cookieKey, salt and adminPassHash. The adminPassHash should be an md5 hash of your admin password (I know, md5 is bad, bcrypt is in the plans).