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Mogade For Windows Phone

Mogade is a free service web-based service which allows game developers to quickly enchance their games with auxiliary functionality (such as leaderboards).

This is the official Windows Phone library. The library wraps the core .NET driver. It is currently a very thin wrapper, but we do plan on adding features.

Other Libraries

For a list of other libraries, please visit


The google group is the best place for developers, either of games or libraries, to visit.


The library should be straightforward to most .NET developers. The main entry point is the MogadeClient class (which implements IMogadeClient for you DI junkies).

You instantiate MogadeClient via the static Initialize method, supplying your game key and game secret (available from the details view of your game on the website):

var mogade = MogadeClient.Initialize(“myGameKey”, “shhhMySecret”);

Once created, its generally a good idea to call update – which’ll download any changes made to your game’s confirmation and store it in a file called mogade.dat. Once completed, you can use the various methods to interact with the mogade service. Note that all methods fire asynchronously, and thus return void and require a callback method:

mogade.GetLeaderboard(“leaderboardId”, LeaderboardScope.Daily, page, leaderboard => { //do something with the leaderboard});

API Overview

Mogade is based around a RESTish API, accepting and returning JSON messages.

A full API overview can be read here