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This directory contains information on how to build the
MiniSat SAT solver ( with Emscripten.

An online demo is available at

To build MiniSat with Emscripten, simply run:


You might have to modify this file to tell it where to find
the emscripten and node.js binaries if they are not on your

This will clone MiniSat from its repository, patch it, build
it with Emscripten, and run a simple test.

The patches directory contains three patches that are needed
to compile MiniSat with Emscripten.

The fix-build patch fixes two minor build errors.

The handle-parse-errors patch modifies MiniSat's DIMACS
parser so that it does not exit the program when it
encounters a parse error.  This behavior works fine for a
single standalone program but not for an online demo.

The parse-string patch adds functions that can parse input
from a string instead of a file.  Using the file system with
Emscripten is tricky, so it's easier to just pass in a string
representing the problem to solve.
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