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A collection of geektool scripts

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An assortment of random geektool scripts - shows all your bugs in a given search
	usage: python -u [url] -l [login] -p [pass] -s [search]

cal - shows current month
	usage: cal [offset]
	cal 0 would show this month
	cal 1 would show next month

countdown - shows number of days until a given date
	usage: python 12/25/2009
current_track.scpt - shows currently playing iTunes track
	usage: osascript current_track.scpt - shows number of starred mail in gmail
	usage: python [email] [pass] - shows rss count
	usage: [rss url]

things_today_count - shows how many tasks today
	usage: osascript things_today_count.scpt 

things_active - shows number of tasks with tag Active and Next
	usage: osascript things_active.scpt 

things_list.scpt - shows tasks in a given list
	usage: osascript things_list.scpt Today

things_tags.scpt - shows tasks tagged with a given tag
	usage: osascript things_tags.scpt Active
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