Build custom versions of jQuery
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jQuery Builder

jQuery Builder lets you easily build a version a custom version of jQuery without downloading the source, grabbing the submodules, installing grunt and building yourself.


npm install jquery-builder


jQuery Builder 0.2.0
Usage: node ./bin/builder.js

  -e, --exclude   Modules to exclude [module,module]  [string]
  -m, --minify    Minify output                       [boolean]
  -l, --ls        List available modules              [boolean]
  -v, --version   Version of jQuery                   [string]  [default: "1.9.1"]
  -s, --versions  List available versions


jquery-builder --exclude ajax,css -m > jquery.min.js

Available Modules

  • ajax: All AJAX functionality: $.ajax(), $.get(), $.post(), $.ajaxSetup(), .load(), transports, and ajax event shorthands such as .ajaxStart().
  • deprecated: Methods documented as deprecated but not yet removed; currently only .andSelf().
  • css: The .css() method plus non-animated .show(), .hide() and .toggle().
  • dimensions: The .width() and .height() methods, including inner- and outer- variations.
  • effects: The .animate() method and its shorthands such as .slideUp() or .hide("slow").
  • offset: The .offset(), .position(), .offsetParent(), .scrollLeft(), and .scrollTop() methods.