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#!/usr/bin/env python
PLAYLIST_NAME='Hype Machine Popular'
PLAYLIST_DESC='Hype Machine Popular tracks, see'
import sys, logging
from playlistcreator import PlaylistCreator
pc = PlaylistCreator()
if not pc.authenticated:
print 'You need to authenticate by running ./ first'
# the Hype Machine "popular" page includes a bunch of structures like:
# <h3 class="track_name"><a>artist name</a> <a>track name</a></h3>
# we can parse that out into (artistname, trackname) pairs
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
from urllib import urlopen
bs = BeautifulSoup(urlopen(URL))
tracks = []
for node in [tn for tn in bs.findAll('h3') if tn.get('class') == 'track_name']:
artist, track = [a.text for a in node.findChildren('a')]
tracks.append((artist, track))
# now build a playlist
pc.make_playlist(PLAYLIST_NAME, PLAYLIST_DESC, tracks)