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'''A Python class for creating and updating playlists based on track and artist names'''
import shelve, re, logging, json, time
from rdioapi import Rdio
def uniq(seq):
'''return non-duplicate items from a sequence, in order'''
u = []
for i in seq:
if i not in u: u.append(i)
return u
class Fuzzy(unicode):
'''a string where equality is defined as: edit distance as a percentage of the sum of the lengths of the inputs <= 25%'''
def __eq__(self, other):
from levenshtein_distance import levenshtein_distance as distance
d = distance(self.lower(), other.lower())
return int(100 * float(d) / len(self+other)) <= 25
class Term(unicode):
'''a string that knows about fuzzy matching and simple transforms'''
PAREN_RE = re.compile(r'\([^)]*\)') # remove text in parens
FEATURE_RE = re.compile(r' (&|Feat\.|feat\.) .*') # remove & / Feat. / feat.
def forms(self):
return (self,
Term.PAREN_RE.sub('', self), Term.FEATURE_RE.sub('', self),
self.replace('!', ' '), # for Wakey Wakey!
def __eq__(self, other):
fuzz = Fuzzy(other)
return any((fuzz == f for f in self.forms))
class PlaylistCreator(object):
def __init__(self):
self.oauth_state ='oauth_state')
self.found_tracks ='found_tracks')
def __del__(self):
__cached_rdio = None
def rdio(self):
if self.__cached_rdio is None:
self.__cached_rdio = Rdio('7v2443fffahpt4fazmmh3hx7', '2nzyX96YAu', self.oauth_state)
return self.__cached_rdio
def authenticated(self):
if not self.rdio.authenticated:
return False
return self.rdio.currentUser() is not None
except BaseException, e:
return False
def authenticate(self):
# let's clear our old auth state
for k in self.oauth_state.keys():
del self.oauth_state[k]
self.__cached_rdio = None
# do a PIN based auth
import webbrowser'oob'))
verifier = raw_input('Enter the PIN from the Rdio site: ').strip()
def find_track(self, artist, title):
'''try to find a track but apply various transfomations'''
artist = Term(artist)
title = Term(title)
# for each of the forms, search...
for a, t in uniq(zip(artist.forms, title.forms)):
# query the API
q = ('%s %s' % (a, t)).encode('utf-8')
result =, types='Track', never_or=True)
# if there were no results then the search failed
if not result['track_count']:
logging.warning(' failed for: '+q)
# look through the results for a good match
for track in result['results']:
if artist == track['artist'] and \
title == track['name']:
return track
# none found
logging.warning(' succeeded but match failed: '+q)
return None
def make_playlist(self, name, desc, tracks):
'''make or update a playlist named @name, with a description @desc, with the tracks specified in @tracks, a list of (artistname, trackname) pairs'''
tracks_meta = []
for artistname, trackname in tracks:
key = json.dumps((artistname, trackname)).encode('utf-8')'Looking for: %s' % key)
if key in self.found_tracks:' found it in the cache: %s' % self.found_tracks[key]['key'])
track_meta = self.find_track(artistname, trackname)
if track_meta is not None:' found it in on the site: %s' % track_meta['key'])
self.found_tracks[key] = track_meta
else:' not found')
pass'Found %d / %d tracks' % (len(tracks_meta), len(tracks)))
track_keys = [track['key'] for track in tracks_meta]
# ask the server for playlists
playlists = self.rdio.getPlaylists()
for playlist in playlists['owned']:
# look for a playlist with the right name
if playlist['name'] == name:'Found the playlist')
# when we find it, remove all of those tracks...
playlist = self.rdio.get(keys=playlist['key'], extras='tracks')[playlist['key']]
keys = [t['key'] for t in playlist['tracks']]
index=0, count=playlist['length'],
# now add all of th tracks we just got
tracks=','.join(track_keys))'Updated the playlist')
# didn't find the playlist
# create it!
playlist = self.rdio.createPlaylist(name=name,
tracks=','.join(track_keys))'Created the playlist')