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Vim plugin that enables surfing through buffers based on viewing history per
When editing multiple files oftentimes it would be nice to be able to go back
and forth between the last edited files, just like a web browser allows the
user to navigate web pages forward and backward in history. The standard
:bn(ext) and :bp(revious) Vim commands allow to switch between next and
previous buffers respectively, but they do no take into account the history of
the last used files. Instead, they use the order in which the files were
opened, which can cause confusion in case the user expects to navigate forward
and backwards in history. For example, in case the user opened the files A, B,
and C in the order:
A, B, C
and the navigation history would be:
A, B, C, B
then :bp(revious) in the last buffer (B) would open up buffer A, where C is
preferable. This plugin supplies the user with the commands :BufSurfForward
and :BufSurfBack to navigate buffers forwards and backwards according to the
navigation history.