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fixed changing current directory after closing

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1 parent 1906606 commit f1992c3eec9cd57e96f5de0cb15b0c3f6d114ded @jgallen23 committed Jan 25, 2012
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@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ function! s:Extradite(bang) abort
let b:git_tree_dir = fugitive#buffer().repo().tree()
execute b:cd.' '.b:git_tree_dir
autocmd BufEnter <buffer> exe b:cd.' '.b:git_tree_dir
- autocmd BufLeave <buffer> exe b:cd.' '.getbufvar('<afile>','stashed_dir')
+ "autocmd BufLeave <buffer> exe b:cd.' '.getbufvar('<afile>','stashed_dir')
autocmd BufEnter <buffer> call s:ExtraditeSyntax()
autocmd BufLeave <buffer> hi! link CursorLine NONE
autocmd BufLeave <buffer> hi! link Cursor NONE

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