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This is the starting code for endcoding an msprime TreeSequence Object into a 3D array for ML and visualization purposes
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This is the starting code for endcoding an tskit TreeSequence Object into a 3D array for ML and visualization purposes


To install tsencode, do

git clone
cd tsencode
python3 install

You should also be able to install it with pip install pyslim. NOT YET You'll also need an up-to-date tskit

To run the tests to make sure everything is working, do:

python3 -m nose tests

Note: if you use python3 you may need to replace python with python3 above.

Quickstart: Creating a quick visualization

1: There is a simple one-to-one encoding of a Tree Sequence that can be reached through TsEncoder.add_one_to_one

# Example 1
import tsencode
import msprime

ts = msprime.simulate(100,length=1e3,recombination_rate=1e-2)
encoder = TsEncoder(ts)

2: There are many possible uses of a Tree Sequence encoding, so, we'd like to have an API where users can easily build visualizations with a given set of tools which could be easily extended in a framework.

Here, I have mocked up a TsEncoder class which can be used to build up an encoding by adding 2D 'layers' to a 3D tensor (numpy array). This will allow the user to "mix & match" the encoding properties which most closely apply to thier specific problem.

This is very rough (aka no error handling, or many checks) but I wanted to post it so we can discuss the design

Here's an example of how this work's so far:

# Example 2
import pyslim
import numpy as np
from tsencode import TsEncoder
from tsencode.helpers import get_genome_coordinates

ts = pyslim.load("tests/slim_trees/high_dispersal_2d_slim.trees")
ts = ts.recapitate(Ne=500,recombination_rate=1e-8)
ts = ts.simplify()
encoder = TsEncoder(ts,width=1000)
weights = get_genome_coordinates(ts, dim=2)
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