A collection of fio tests for disk performance testing.
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Benchmark Automation Script

A script that automates benchmark testing via a collection fio and iozone tests and simple tools for disk performance testing.


You can find a list of all current tests within the available-tests/ folder.

In order to enable a test I have been creating a symlink from the enabled-tests/ folder pointing to a test in the available-tests folder. For example:

cd enabled-tests;
ln -s ../available-tests/libaio-buffered-4m-randrw ./

That will enable the "libaio-buffered-4m-randrw" test and it will run the next time you start the fio-runner.sh script.

By default all the tests are enabled.

Executing The Tests

Once you have enabled the tests you want to run all you need to do is execute is the diskbench.sh script:

Usage: ./diskbench.sh: [OPTIONS]
  -u              : Directory/mountpoint to test
  -s              : Test file size (default: 4G)
  -i              : I/O depth (used by fio) (default: 256 - heavy)
  -n              : Test name (used for the comparaison)
  -p profile_name : Enable tests based on a profile (optional)
  -g 500          : Number of pgs for the rados bench pool (default: 500) (optional)
  -t              : Set the runtime for individual fio tests (default: 3600 seconds)
  -x              : Run extra tests: IOZone and Bonnie++ (optional)
  -l              : List available tests

This will execute each of the fio tests and their results will be stored into the results folder.