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A collection of fio tests for disk performance testing.
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Benchmark Automation Script

A script that automates benchmark testing via a collection fio and iozone tests and simple tools for disk performance testing.


You can find a list of all current tests within the available-tests/ folder.

In order to enable a test I have been creating a symlink from the enabled-tests/ folder pointing to a test in the available-tests folder. For example:

cd enabled-tests;
ln -s ../available-tests/libaio-buffered-4m-randrw ./

That will enable the "libaio-buffered-4m-randrw" test and it will run the next time you start the script.

By default all the tests are enabled.

Executing The Tests

Once you have enabled the tests you want to run all you need to do is execute is the script:

Usage: ./ [OPTIONS]
  -u              : Directory/mountpoint to test
  -s              : Test file size (default: 4G)
  -i              : I/O depth (used by fio) (default: 256 - heavy)
  -n              : Test name (used for the comparaison)
  -p profile_name : Enable tests based on a profile (optional)
  -g 500          : Number of pgs for the rados bench pool (default: 500) (optional)
  -t              : Set the runtime for individual fio tests (default: 3600 seconds)
  -x              : Run extra tests: IOZone and Bonnie++ (optional)
  -l              : List available tests

This will execute each of the fio tests and their results will be stored into the results folder.

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