Various AWS Automation Scripts
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AWS Scripts

Various AWS Automation Scripts

A collection of shell scripts for automating various security tasks with Amazon Web Services.
You will need the AWS-CLI installed and configured to make this work correctly.


WAF/WAF.SH: Creates a WAF using cloud formation and a rules template.

ACM/ Creates Digicert TLS certificates using their API and uploads them to ACM.

Cloudfront/ Quickly audits CloudFront for WAF, Logging, TLS and HTTP Only usage.

EC2/ Lists all in-use security groups that allow for your inspection.

EC2/ Lists all unused security groups that can likely be removed.

EC2/ Lists all EC2 Instances in all AvailabilityZones.

EC2/SecurityGroups/ Adds rule to allow SSH access from your current public IP address.

EC2/SecurityGroups/ Removes rules allowing SSH access from your current public IP address.

GuardDuty/ Enables GuardDuty in all available regions.

GuardDuty/ Exports all GuardDuty findings to .json files.

S3/ Lists all ACLs for S3 buckets in your account.

IAM/EC2USEastOnly.json: IAM policy that only allows EC2 instances in US-East-1.

IAM/ Downloads the credential report for for all configured profiles in ~/.aws/credentials.

Important Notice

I likely dont know what I am doing and this could be done faster, better and simpler some other way. These scripts could also break your cloud and make you cry.